Feedback request for a new illustration

  • Home trip colored test.jpg
    I'm currently building my portfolio, and this is my latest piece
    thought I would share it here and maybe get some feedback!

  • I like the colors you used. The image is interesting, it makes me want to know the story.

  • Great design and concept! I really enjoyed the muted color palette as well. A couple of thoughts that might be considered for this image:

    • The perspective on the house(?) elements appear off in a few places.(e.g. The awnings vs the main structure, the tower structure vs the bottom structure ).Also I wasnt clear if the cutouts were revealing the background or just glass. If revealing the background then some of the interior would probably be visible.

    • Maybe a little more size variation on the house structures could provide a bit more interest (Big medium and small)

    • I assume leaving out the bike chain and trailer wheel hubs was intentional but I wonder if that might be taking away from this scene. In particular it could convey the bike rider is floating on the bike with no chain or pedal assembly. Also the trailer wheels feel like they may be fixed instead of turning.

    • I also wonder if adding a little more dynamics around the motion or intent of pulling the trailer could add to this scene. Maybe conveying more tension in the rope (e.g making it more taut) and some gesture into the rider’s figure could communicate the effort of climbing the path.

    • Overall the lighting feels much like the atmosphere of a forest. I did notice that the rider and bike felt a little flat vs the house and path and could benefit from a bit more rendering given the adjacent strong lighting.

  • I agree the character looks flat compared to the wagon, because the tonal range of the shadows doesn't go dark enough.

    The hard cast shadows of the character feel like they fall off too fast. Also, where there are hard cast shadows, I would expect hard light on the forms that cast them.

    I see a lot of detail in the tree trunks, so it might look good to bring the grass and road to that same level of texture.

    Overall I think it works as a composition and drawing, and the values are almost there.

  • @Kim-Rosenlof thank you!

  • @davido Thank you so much for taking the time to give a detailed and honest feedback, i appreciate it!

  • @Matthew-Oberdier @davido Yeah I agree with both of you, i guess some things just flew over my head because maybe it was a bit overwhelming or maybe i rushed the process a bit. Thank you guys!

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