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    Hey Leontine, sounds like you are motivated! Love that enthusiasm!! If all my students had your drive, my job would be a lot easier. Haha!

    There are many teachers that advocate the "one drawing/painting a day" type assignment. I thought I'd chime in because I have a little different take on it. A lot of my students who do the drawing a day type thing don't actually get that much better because there isn't too much of a focus on what the student actually needs to be working on, it's just getting those 31 drawing done.

    I'm a bigger advocate of doing a "this month I'm going to draw/paint something that pushes my skillset (addresses my weakness)." That type of thing looks a lot different for each person. Some people will indeed need to do a bunch of drawings in a month. For others, it might actually mean slowing down and trying NOT to sketch so quickly and try to get something more meaningful in their portfolio.

    Not sure how that affects your month. You might be at a place where you really want to nail down 30 days of sketching. If so, go for it full speed ahead. Just make sure there is a direction to the exercise vs. hitting a number. : )

    Does that make sense? Let me know if you have any questions at all.

  • @Leontine It looks like you and the iPad Pro are getting along : ) Really a nicely rendered image and an enthusiast challenge!

  • @Lee-White Thanks Lee, Thanks for your positive, kind words and Inspiration. My first motivation is the lack of inspiration I am facing right now. Maybe Its just frustration, I don't know. I think about that a lot. Why am I feeling so crappy with my art? I believe therefore that I have push myself forwards. With this I hope to give myself a new positive vibe...
    Composition is my main issue, and therefore I have to force myself to give this some practice.

  • @Leontine Composition is my weakness too! I'd like to join in on your 30 day challenge, if you don't mind the company! I use pastel pencils & graphite, so I definitely won't be able to finish a complete drawing, but I can do a sketch a day... Are there themes or is it just draw what you feel?

  • Btw, I've tried this by myself before & always stop after about 5 days, so I'm hoping that having someone else to do it with will encourage me to keep going!

  • @amberwingart A sketch s also a drawing right? Please do, its fun!

  • day two:leontinegaasenbeek mouse.jpg

  • A simple one today!image.jpeg

  • 12662038_1004438739616598_8966657654421577573_n.jpg day #4

  • leontine's day #5 running out of time. Its getting hard because I want to focus on composition but for now I am satisfied with the continuity ...pinquin.jpg...

  • Day #6
    olifant.jpg I am so terribly busy, I cant keep up with my own challenge whahaha! So this is how I feel now!

  • I LOVE that elephant! You're doing so awesome. Okay, I'm starting on my drawing-a-day tomorrow (it's 2:40am here - too late to start now!). I'll try to keep up with you - you're inspiring me so much!

  • @amberwingart aww don't feel pressed please!

  • beren.jpg Sketching bears ....

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    Thank you for sharing and good for you for doing this-if I spent as much time drawing as I do thinking about drawing I would be a master by now haha- keep posting!

  • Day #7 image.jpg forrest using Procreate...

  • This has a lovely mood to it. I think it's due to the color palette you chose and the light peeking through the trees. Very nice!

  • today I clocked 20 minutes for painting a chicken, nice for drawing animal practice, I am working on a book full of animals...kip.jpg

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    Love it, Leontine. Telling people you're doing a drawing a day makes you do it, right ? 🙂 I love the elephant and the bird right above it. I painted a quick little chick the other day to use up leftover paint before it dried up! 🙂

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    @Leontine I love your trees- I am about to embark on a forest in my three girls dancing drawing- I haven't touched it in days-paralyzed by the thought of a forest-great job

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