Ink 2.0 Class: Inking and flatting ink brush sorceress

  • Sharing some inking and color flatting WIP from Jake Parker's Ink 2.0 class exercises and pencil drawings. I have been working on the exercises in traditional and digital ink. I really enjoyed the graphic look of the inking result for this image so decided to flat in some colors. I will probably take this to a full render with shadow and light. 1536601496572-p2-v2.png 1536601496572-p2-v2-ink.png

  • @davido Looks so cool! Definitely get the magic and ink vibe right away. I love how you did the cape; very clever!

  • Thanks @miranda-hoover, but I can only take partial credit. This is one of the assignments in the course to apply various inking techniques and your own interpretation on top of a set of pencil sketches that Jake supplies. The cape was an area where I tried to adjust a few things to hopefully communicate a bit more of a dynamic form and action.

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