Redraw of old monthly competition piece

  • Hi I recently did a redrew of one of my old pieces from 2016 (left) to see how much I have improved (right).

    What do you think?
    Please let me know if you see anything to improve on the newest piece. Its so interesting to see the differences between the two pieces.


    I am trying to get better at values so I added in the black and white version.
    Narwhale_Small.jpg (2).jpg

  • Pro SVS OG

    I think the improvement is massive! I love your use of colours, textures and all the little details (pattern on dad’s sweater etc).
    What might help this images would be to think about the silhouettes - i made a quick draw-over. Since that part of the boat is cropped out anyway, it might just not be there at all to help enhance your main characters silhouettes?
    But overall it’s really cool image! 🙂

  • @mag Thanks for the feedback Mag. I totally agree with you, now I see it! I think the wood is an extra colour and distraction in the image. I will change and repost.

  • Here is it with the update. I think it looks a lot better. Thank you for the feedback @mag

    Narwhals -updateSmall.jpg

  • Here is the comparison again: