Serious Feedback Requested on FEB prompt and probably need to be talked down from the tree....

  • I think @Nyrryl-Cadiz hit the nail on the head. Most of the issues I see with this are silhouette based. I always at some point convert my image to solid shapes to make sure that things aren't blending together. This is especially important with a spot illo (I think, take all advice with grain of salt, lol)

    That being said, I know how you feel. I've made up a few entries that I really REALLY liked, but they didn't hit the top 16. Sometimes they don't hit the mark and we can't see why because we're too close.

    I don't think it has anything to do with the judges liking one style over another (although I'm sure they all have different tastes). Sometimes entries simply don't make it past the first rough sort 🤷♂

    I'll take breaks between challenges (unless it's one I REALLY like) and I find it recharges my batteries and lets me grow a little between entries. If you're feeling frustrated it may be time for a short breather before getting back into the ring 🙂

  • @Gaelle-Grizzly don’t be silly! like I said it was an honor both to make it to the top and to be paired next to yours! I just knew I was going down lol! I love your stuff!

  • Wow! You guys are the best. I am overwhelmed with good feeling toward everyone. I really appreciate the very detailed descriptions of what could be improved. I appreciate the draw overs especially because I am very visual and they help so much.
    I would tag all of you in my thanks but I am afraid I will leave someone out. I also appreciate the reminders that I need to be working for me rather than to get approval from some guys who don’t really even know me. I thank you for the words of affirmation regarding my style. I have been really working hard towards developing a clear distinguishable style that people like. It was nice to hear, ya know?

    Thanks again!

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    @chrisaakins I do understand what you are saying here and we sypathize. I wish all of them could make it to the top 16.

    What people have said here in terms of a crit is fairly accurate to what Will and I debated about your piece. The pose of character being too straight on and symmetrical with the arms was the main things. Look to some animation books on creating a better gesture to get more emotion across. If I filled your character in with sharpie, it would just be leaning a bit to one side, there would be no emotion from the pose. I agree with what @Nyrryl-Cadiz said about the pose silhouette. I also agree with the things @Gaelle-Grizzly said and liked the scale change to the smoke. The pose of the head could be tweaked to a much more expressive 3/4 view and be clearer in design. That nose up pose is really hard to do head on and have it look right. The only character I've ever seen done really well in that pose is snoopy. I will add that your style is fine! It's storytelling and gesture that you need to work on.

    Like I said, I understand the frustration of entering and not getting in. BUT, I will say that is part of the training too! Next weeks podcast is about "dealing with constant failure" and one thing we talk about is that this industry has a MASSIVE amount of it. When I would send out 1000 postcards and get 2 replies, it was tough to deal with. Then I'd send out ANOTHER 1000 and get 1 reply. And then I'd send out another 1000, and another, and another. It really is a numbers game. You can't judge your successes in a single entry situation like a contest. If you do, you are GUARANTEED to feel disappointed. The real goal should be 1. Do work that you like and is your best. 2. Put it out in the world. 3. Repeat. And that is it. That is all you can do. Of course that doesnt mean that you shouldnt try to keep getting better, etc. It just means that you know you are going to make thousands of images. So just keep your head down and produce the best work you can.

  • @Lee-White Thank you for taking time out to respond to my post. I apologize for sounding so pouty. I see now more what you were looking for especially after the comments by @Nyrryl-Cadiz and @Gaelle-Grizzly. I took your advice to heart and did the sharpie thing to my entry for this month and it really does make a difference. Hopefully my March piece will show much improvement! Thank you for the words of encouragement!

  • @Asyas_illos that was the part I was going to review and would like to understand better. They mentioned that people generally did a good job with the spot illustration, so I thought that was why they didn't talk about it! I felt like we got that right as a group, that was kind of nice.

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    @carolinebautista that is very true. In terms of designing the spot, everyone did great! Much better than I did the first time I tried it!

  • @Lee-White I just have to say its really awesome how often you chime in on the forums Lee. It makes a really big difference to have your imput directly. Thanks you for doing that 😁

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    @K-Flagg My pleasure! I love to see what you guys post in the forums. I think the community here is so cool!

  • @carolinebautista Exactly! I would give up a spot for just a critique.

  • @chrisaakins just wanted to offer some support and say I feel your frustration! I got really frustrated one month after I worked so hard on my piece to make something more detailed than anything I'd ever done and didn't make it but a piece was chosen that looked very naive and simple in a child-like style. It made me realise I was maybe barking up the wrong tree with children's books as my work isn't loose enough. The prompts became more enjoyable when I put the focus on them as a brief to help build my portfolio, rather than a competition.

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