March WIP space traveler

  • In the continuing saga of not understanding that less is more, I made this. I'm resurrecting the space turtle I made in honor of the NASA Perseverance rover last month because I love her so much. It sort of feels like a mashup between a character sheet and a cover for a graphic novel. I'm also trying to get across the idea that this story takes place on the moon, but uses fairytale/fantasy as much as it uses sci-fi.
    Is it readable? Does the character seem consistent across all the poses? Any feedback is completely welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

    3.10.21_Fairytale_Traveler.jpg copy.jpeg

  • The character feels consistent my only suggestion would be once you have color will you keep the background the color it is? It feels very busy to me already even without the character color. I think if you were to tone down a little bit maybe adjust the opacity but keep it neutral like you have it ... but I can see itโ€™s still unfinished and you may be planing this already!๐Ÿ˜

  • @Asyas_illos You were absolutely right it was way too busy.
    Last night I re-watched the December yeti character design critique arena, which really helped me see some examples of how to clean up my design and make things more clear and simple. You all do some inspiring work.

    Here's a value study sketch of my updated design.
    One thing I want to address is how her O2 tank and her backpack fit on her back, because I'm not sure that's reading clearly right now. Also need a few more tries to get the turtle to have a non-sedated facial expression. What else needs clarification as I finalize my line drawing? 3.14.21 traveler.jpeg

  • Wow thatโ€™s much better I love it!

  • These look great! I love the turtle, so cool great idea

  • @Valerie-Light This character is too cool and unique! I love the whole thing, especially the turtle! The character looks pretty consistent to me.

    As far as the O2 tank and the back pack go; maybe make a strap that goes over the tank and is connected to the backpack would make it feel more cohesive? Make it like a feature of the backpack so that it is connected? A backpack specially made for space travel, haha ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Valerie-Light This definitely looks better! Good job!

  • This looks great! Love the story and your character, she's got so much personality!

  • Your expressions have so much life. This is a real original idea. Also now the goblins in the prompt would 'space goblins' which seems really exciting. I like her sitting down, helmet off, having a break.

    Could the O2 tanks be in the centre, like a diver, and have attatchments on them such as pockets or bags with various items in

  • @Asyas_illos @bridgetbick @Kim-Rosenlof @ruth Thank you all very much for the encouragement! This is very exciting.
    @Jacy13 @lizardillo thanks for the ideas on the o2 tank. My main trouble is that I need it to be on her back without her pack, when she's riding the turtle. Though I really like the idea of building her a pack that incorporates the tank! I'll play around with it.

  • This is awesome, I especially love her space turtle! My daughter's name is Mira too so great name โค

  • @HeatherBouteneff Oh awesome! Let me know if I get the official Mira seal of approval from her!

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