WIP - March Contest Fairy Tale Traveler

  • I am going to post my progression here for the Fairy Tale Traveler.
    I worked on the neutral, front post over the weekend. Lately I have been making myself sketch more using a good ole’ pencil on paper. It’s a good practice to change things up, even though I often find myself wanting to use my left thumb and pointer finger to enlarge my sketch on paper 🤣.


    After I did the pencil sketch I took a photo and imported it into Procreate.



    I felt my traveler looked too young. I didn’t like his head at all.


    I decided I wanted ‘her’ to be a girl and played around with her hair. It took me a while to settle on a hair style I liked.


    So this is her for now. She might change a bit after I am done with the back pose. I feel slightly intimidated to start on the back pose. I am not quite sure yet how to show her from the back and have her look like the same character. . But I guess that’s what the challenge is for 😆.

  • 2450B968-B9B1-4D97-B35D-8F02F7ED3CE2.jpeg

    I realized thatcher backpack didn‘t have straps attached to it.

  • @AnneWertheim I really like your character so far! I like all the details and her spunky attitude.

  • @chrisaakins thanks, Chris

  • @chrisaakins I am having fun with the process! I haven’t done many character sketches and am stoked to be practicing this month (I also got really tired of the Yeti challenge and am so glad to be drawing a human again)

  • I got to work on the second sketch: back, 3/4 view.
    I have to admit, I find it quite a challenge to get the pose, as well as recognition factor worked out. When I first started out, I totally failed. On the second try I worked with reference that I had pulled from Deviant Art. That helped a lot. I am still not 100% happy with how my traveler looks and if she is recognizable the same character. I would love some feedback!


    My reference images
    Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 8.07.58 AM.png

    Finished drawing:

  • This is really good my only feedback for your sketch is maybe define her nose a little? give it a little bit of an edge maybe.👍🏼

  • @Asyas_illos you are totally right! Her nose is barely visible! Thanks!

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