MARCH CONTEST: Fairy-Tale Traveler

  • What is going on here? Way different vibe from the last few contests. Lets keep this creative energy going for next month. Please excuse the following lengthly list of shout outs.

    @jdubz Nice incorporation of a selfie photo. I think we creators should remind ourselves our characters ought to mirror contemporary children's habits. Capybara is a great choice.
    @Larue I'm getting aesops fables + Fantastic Mr.Fox vibe from your work. Nicely done.
    @Tiffany-Thomas Your presentation sucessfully promotes a product to the viewer. I learned a lesson-of-the-day from your piece. TY.
    @alicepelot I like your method in depicting the satyr's hair and fur, as well as the character's clean shape.
    @chrisaakins We need more African fairy tales. Props on exploration.
    @ruth OMGosh. This is giving me Don't Starve PTSD. Love it.
    @CLCanadyArts Dinosaur! Neander-gob! I'm jealous?
    @Jeremiahbrown Great presentation. The water-crossing shot really sold it for me. Potentially marketable to readers who live in flood-prone areas.
    @avfarrar Thank you for the compliment. I have to confess that I "borrowed" the idea of dirty feet from the character Mebh from Wolfwalkers.

  • @willicreate Awww, thank you so much for the shout out! I totally appreciate the encouragement, you're awesome and I love your style!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hey everyone! I'm so excited to be entering a monthly contest for the first time.

    Let me introduce you to Twig. She's a brave, fierce girl from a miniature village of tiny elf-like creatures (leaves to scale!). When she caught wind of the goblins' plans to destroy her home, she took it upon herself to find someone who could help.

    In my rendition of the prompt, the village is poor in a material sense, but rich in love. The elves are paupers who make do with what they find on the forest floor. Whereas goblins are typically depicted as groveling creatures of the lowest social class, they're snobbish, monocle-wearing posh folk in my story. They no longer value the resources that nature presents, and want to use the land the village sits on for their own purposes...

  • Here is my entry for this one, which has been a beautiful journey to create. This is Arien, she has a fire inside that she has had to learn to use for in the right way for her journey to help her people. I too have a quokka in my story, which is an Australian animal, and for those who have never heard of one, google it, it will make your day so much brighter X K

    Arien Final 2.jpg

  • Here we go. Hope you'll like it :). Young Melvin will have some trouble leaving his village!

    Fairy Tale traveler Grizzly Small.jpg

  • What a fun prompt! when I have more time I'm definitely going to do more travelers just for the fun of it.


    Instagram: @megan.v.d.berg

  • SVS OG

    Here's my entry!!TamishaMitchell_Traveler.jpg

  • @avfarrar thank you. And Farrar is my maiden name so your user name confused me.

  • @Kim-Hunter This prompt was golden and my story fell into place quickly. But my text didn't survive the upload. Here it is:

    Orphaned by the goblins, Una lives on the outskirts of the village, weeding gardens for scraps of food and clothing - her goat head staff, the last gift from her parents. When she overhears the goblins' plan to release killer weeds, she struggles to climb Mount Capra and find the Goat Goddess - master of the goat army, to save the village from botanical battle before the goblins can put down roots.

  • Well, I didnt quite finish mine but I'm happy with it! This contest pushed me to try something I've been meaning to for quite a while (build little sets from scratch that are set in a dnd fantasy world.)
    And finally entering a contest now that I'm a member🙌

    Here's my Lizardman on an adventure!IMG_20210331_201106_256.jpg

    Video of the little reading nook set...

  • How do I post my fairy tale character? I took a picture with my phone,but don't know how to upload it. This is my first smart phone to.

  • @Grin

    1. Click the blue Reply arrow at the bottom.
    2. Scroll the right bar all the way to the right.
    3. Click the upload image at the end of the white bar.


  • This is "Yittle Richard the Yerd". A character loosely based on my 9-yo nephew who, when he was around 3 or 4 was obsessed with Richard III.

    Fairy-Tale Traveler (ColorFin)SVS.jpg

  • IMG_20210331_200555.jpg

  • Oh wow!!! My first time participating, although I've been a member for a year now. I have loved 3 Point Perspective and Will, Lee and Jake for all their generous advice for longer still. I am so grateful to have found SVSLearn! The characters are AMAZING, by the way, I am so impressed with the work this month. What a great prompt!


  • KalenFernandezSVSLearnMarch.png
    Hi everyone! Here's my submission! Had a lot of fun making it.

  • Hey guys/gals, meet Fidget Hare. I haven’t had much luck in these contests as of late but call me stubborn because here I am again. I haven’t even had a chance to check out everyone’s entries yet so I’m looking forward to going over all of the goodies right now:) Best of luck to everyone!


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