Hello to all the SVS members and to those who are also swirling around :)

  • Sooo.... I was thinking that if this was a normal School there would have been a round of introductions for all those new and since there is a thread here I will do just that. My name is Julia, I am 42 years old and living in Germany since 25 years. Before that I was living in NZ where I was born. I have been making art on and off but have had no real formal training. I always wanted to work in a creative field of work but never really new how to go about it. I alway had the Idea that there is no money in it unless your name is Rothko or Richter. Although I did want to get into Illustration when I wsa young, people where saying that theres not much of a carrier chance there so I kind of just let go off that idea. But now in a later stage of my life I see things a bit more clearly than when I was 15 Years. So I am really glad to have found SVS as it gives a "clear path" 😉 . So having hit the big 40, I thought to myself, now or never. I studied early childhood education and am currently working in this field part time so I have some time for all the really excellent classes. ( sorry for my spelling, Im not so fit in english anymore). Great forum here. It has been wonderfull to see who is here and what everybody is doing. Also seeing all the different styles has been extremly interesting. This online course really has so much to offer and such a wide range of topics, just great, also with amazing Teachers who I just love watching. So, excited to be here and thankyou to those who created this posibility for so many people to follow there dream...

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    @Julia-Hegetusch Welcome Julia! I'd love to see your art! ❤

  • @NessIllustration Hi, thanks for reply. I dont have a portfolio or a presentable website as yet. I guess that will be one of my main goals in the course of this year. Here is drawing ans some pencil portraits although they dont have alot to do with childrensbook Illustration. That is still avery new field for me 🙂Faces.jpg Buster.jpg

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    @Julia-Hegetusch Wow, what skill!

  • @Julia-Hegetusch aww these are great! Excited to see more of your work as you so the courses! I especially recommend the monthly contests for trying to flush out your portfolio

  • @carlianne Okay thanks, I will definetly do that:)

  • Hello, @Julia-Hegetusch lovely to meet you, and lovely work! I love the way you're using textures in the dog and cat piece. Excited to see more of your work!

  • @Valerie-Light Thanks Valerie

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