Sketchbook collector.

  • My wife was cleaning our art closet and looked through my sketch books. She notice that in most of my sketch books I only used 2 to 5 pages and one sketch book complete. Does anyone else draw in a couple of pages in a sketchbook, forget about that sketchbook and start drawing in a new sketchbook?

  • @robbery Yeah... life gets in the way most of the time.

  • Yep! I never want to go back and work in a sketchbook I forgot about, because if it was from 8 years ago, looking at it feels like a record of my thoughts at that time of my life. To save space on my shelves, I cut out the useful sketches and put them in a binder called Orphaned Art.

  • Yes. I have a number of half-filled sketchbooks. But to save shelfspace I’m starting to fill old ones as I try to fill more sketchbooks per year. Last one took six months, the one before that thirteen. It is a bit confusing seeing the year numbering on my shelf though.

  • @robbery yes! That’s why I gave up on sketchbooks. It just doesn’t work for me. I’m more of a sketch on a loose sheet of paper or on Procreate girl.

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