Monsieur Yeti cooking

  • While I like sketching I am terrible in finishing projects. So my new years resolution is to really try working on different projects. I hope to start the svs courses somewhere this year, but thought to try working on each month’s contest.

    Timetable wise I am behind schedule for this months theme, as I only just finished twelve thumbnails. I am aiming at a selection of three to work out further before biting down on one particular. Do you have favourites?

    ![1_1613414362221_21A031A2-8F95-462B-90BA-B0F9FAB7373D.jpeg](Uploading 100%) ![0_1613414362217_96C6DA5C-2C86-4BD7-8FF4-1CF2FD580C9A.jpeg](Uploading 100%)

    Edit. I can’t seem to upload the images on this forum, so I made an imgur link. Hope this does work.
    Imgur link 1
    Imgur link 2

  • Nice job on coming up with so many ideas. I'm really bad at planning. I like #4 best but I also like #5 & #9.

  • @Niels I like 2 and 10. Enjoying the interaction between the yeti and smaller character.

  • I think 10 could be really sweet!

  • Thanks for your replies! I’m going to move ahead and do some roughs on 2, 9 and 10. Life got a bit in the way of drawing, so I hope to be able to produce finished results by the end of the month.

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