Vote 3 images for my SCBWI Portfolio showcase :-)

  • Way too hard to choose just three. I remember being stunned by #2 and #6 when I first saw them on your Instagram! For for sure those. I really like the angle in #1 (it’s so different from what I’m used to seeing) and the deep blue and yellow colours in #7 but number #3 tells a story.

    So after typing all that, I noticed the rest of your post where you said you are leaning towards 1, 2, and 3 πŸ™‚ So I guess I agree! πŸ™ƒ

  • Wow! It is so difficult to choose! I went on your website and I really like the hot air balloon one because it has a variety of shapes, and a nice composition. I also like the boat with the man and the boy with the stars. I also like number 1 that you posted. Honestly, you have such nice work that I feel like you can't go wrong whatever you choose.

  • My votes on 1 , 4 , 7.

    I guess I'm biased towards landscape composition, and images with lots of story or whimsical setting.

  • I really love 1,2,7

  • @xin-li 1, 3, and 4! πŸ™‚

  • Pro

    @xin-li 1, 3 and 6 are my faves!

  • I really like 6 but I see what you are saying about wanting different perspectives. I love all of them but 1,2, and 3 hold me the most

  • SVS OG

    @xin-li 1,4,7 for me.

  • Thank you so much for weighing in, everyone. This is super helpful.

    It looks that no. 1 is the clear winner. I will stare at them for another couple of hours, and send them in tonight. I am such a hopeless over-thinker :-).

  • @xin-li Great selections!

    1 - super clear winner! Lovely color palette, composition and story!
    4 - This piece is when I started following your work. I love it because it's so whimsical and I love how you draw cityscapes.
    3 or 6 - Both are lovely indoor pieces.
    6 is more intimate and has a whimsical touch. My only thing is that you already have a mother-daughter piece selected. I still like the piece individually more appealing than 3, but for the portfolio as a whole, I'd go with 3.

  • I love 2,4,&6 and I agree with Neha, 4 is when I started following your work also. It's so different from the sea of standard portfolio submissions but still fits perfectly into the children's illustration category.

  • Thank you so much, everyone. I am so honored to have so many of you helping out and confused as ever, hahaha...

    I will be submitting 1,2,4 this time. Mostly to diversifying the subject matter.
    no. 1 outdoor nature scene, mother and child relation.
    no. 2 indoor scene, anthropomorphic character
    no. 4 city scene, imaginary creature.

    I will be submitting 6 and 7 for the AOI's world illustration competition. The deadline is also this weekend if any of you are interested. It has an entry fee, but it is open for both members and non-members. It will be my first time submitting to that competition as well. I am looking for all possible outlets to promote an upcoming book I illustrated (which no. 7 is the first spread of that book).

    I have been at the edge of burnout lately, and just had a rather tough day today. Coming back to be a bit more active in the forum really helped to cheer me up. Thank you so much for your support!

    Love from Norway :-).

  • @xin-li I was goi g to pick 1, 4 and 6😊. So many great choices. You will have a very strong showcase!

  • So hard to pick, but I will go with 1,2 and 3 although 4 is wow!

  • Thank you very much @Coley and @shereen-said. I went for 4 instead of 3, because my non-artist husband said 3 is a nice and cozy image, but 4 made him wanting to know what happens next. So I went for that :-).

  • @xin-li number 4 is epic!

  • @xin-li really beautiful work. I love them all but I’d pick 1,3 and 4. 3 for the lovely relationship and 4 for the buildings and overall creative imagery. Good luck!!

  • @xin-li 1,4 and 6 look like they are from the same book1

  • @xin-li I like these the most 1,2 and 4. As they show off a range of skills and competence in covering a range of subjects. 1. People interacting with nature, culture and motion. 2. Animals, ideas and concepts, 4. Epic creatures, magical storytelling and grand scenes.

  • All of them have such fantastic story but in my opinion 1, 2 and 5. 1 has a great composition, wonderful colors and clear focus of characters. 2 has a great sense of lighting, a lot of detail but still soft and strong character with wonder. 5 is a fantastic spot illustration, full of color and showing the conditions without a gloomy background, which keeps it fun.

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