February 3rd Thursday. Love is a teddy bear.

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    @mattramsey Okay, now the link worked, but I'm not able to view the larger version. Only the thumbnail. Perhaps a jpg? Sorry for making you go through this.

    @Carrie Thank you!

  • @shinjifujioka lol no problem!

    Let's try this:

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    @mattramsey I can view it now. You helped me solve a problem I had by putting in that reflection. I tried a few times to paint water droplets on the glass, and I was having the hardest time. I think the frosted over glare will provide enough lightness to depict water drops. Thanks!

    Also, thanks for the paint over. I really appreciate you taking the time to do so (and for providing the suggestion at the beginning). I'll probably go with the hood based because I like how the yellow contrasts with the blue of the window sill. But I hope you continue to provide input in the future. Having different opinions gives me opportunity to mull over which direction to take an image, and a lot of times that will result in finding solution I wasn't aware of in the beginning. For example, you suggested no raincoat (or at least hoodless) and the reason being that it would showcase sacrifice more. So then I started thinking about how can I push that idea without losing the raincoat? Then I thought that perhaps I could make the raincoat feel a little tattered. And the umbrella broken. And the wagon rusted. And all of a sudden (for me) the story started to come alive about this not-well-to-do little girl who used her savings to.....aaaaand this is getting a little long, haha. Basically, thanks for the input!

  • @Renduin said:

    If anything I think pushing it just for the sake of pushing it would kill the charm and move it into the realm of mere sentimentality.

    I'm not really sure I understand that statement but I definitely agree with you that Shinji has done another amazing piece as it is now--without any alterations needed whatsoever!

    *Although I'm sure pros like Will/Jake/Lee can add helpful tweaks etc.

  • I think it look great shine well done. love the fact that you are painting the unseen in the reflection of the shop window . great.

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  • @Renduin there is definitely a lot of power in subtlety.

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  • This is awesome. Also, love the Totoro in the window.

  • I know you already had a lot of input on this piece, but I wanted to say how incredibly wonderful it is! There is just so many good things about this, I wouldn't know where to start!

    I do however like @mattramsey added reflections in the window. It also serves to diminish the contrast of the background so that your focal point read more clearly.

    I have another suggestion, but keep in mind that your skills are years more advanced than mine, so I might be wrong. I just think that you have a lot of very saturated colors (especially the yellow) on the window/door in the background. Applying @mattramsey suggestion will help with this, but maybe you could try desaturating the rest of the background a little bit to increase the focus on your main characters in the foreground.

    As for the raincoat "debate", I am PRO raincoat lol! However, I think this is a grey zone where it's mostly a matter of opinion, and there is not a good or bad answer!

    Once again, very inspiring work!

  • I just love this illustration. Love the water on the hood of the raincoat, the rocking horse, giraffe, the crooked umbrella, the teddy bear, the little girl, the whole window. Charming, charming, charming.

  • @mattramsey Looks great! I had suggested just taking off the hood. Thanks for doing it.

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    @Steff Lol, not sure what a Totoro is doing in the toy store.

    @NoWayMe before I submit it for 3rd Thursday, I'll revisit it. I think you're right and I'll probably end up toning down the saturation a tad. That along with @mattramsey 's reflection suggestion should help to kick the image up a notch. Thanks for the input!

    @Beatriz-"Bett" You're right, I was rushing a bit when I typed up my last post and forgot that you had mentioned it! It was definitely an idea I considered at length.

  • I am pro Hoody , there is just one thing, as I feel it she isn't really looking into the teddybears eyes. Maybe a small adjustment there? For me you've already won this one! Its a great portfolio piece, I presume you're going to Bologna? You'll probably take some work home!

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    Beautiful, and inspiring; I can see your perspective planning in the lines-so good cant wait to see it painted

  • Personally I think this is lovely. I would suggest maybe the raincoat being held over the bear instead of the umbrella would be even more heart warming but, that is simply my opinion. It still works as it is and the broken umbrella is a very nice touch.

    Great work.

  • @shinjifujioka Again you have crafted a really nice piece. There are always so many things to look at inside one of your images. I have to agree with @Leontine. The girl doesn't seem to be looking at the bear.

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    @Leontine I don't have any plans to go to Bologna. I don't think I'll be able to attend too many conferences this year other than ones that may happen near me. It would be awesome to go though. Are you attending any conferences?

    @Leontine @Rob-Smith you're right on the eyes I'll need to make an adjustment there. I find eyes to be a little tricky...

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    Revisions. I think it's stronger. Thanks @mattramsey for the help with the reflection and @NoWayMe for the suggestion about toning down the background.

    @Leontine @Rob-SmithI tried tinkering with the eyes, but I kept on losing something in the girl so I think I might leave it for now.

    Love is a Teddy Bear 2 1000px.jpg

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