Illustrations - need critique and feedback please

  • Hello, first time posting. Gotten a lot of help from SVS website. town_night_filter_web.jpg) series of illustrations for a video (using only stills no animation but zooming in etc.). The story is about a tailor who starts with a coat that wears out but he keeps on reworking fabric to make other items. Eventually writes story for newspaper. There is a narrated voice over. Not sure if it makes sense to post all the illustrations, but just start with the first three for now, thank you for even looking!

    tailor working night_filter.jpg
    tailor working-WEB.jpg

  • If you watch the critique for last month's 3rd Thursday prompt, Jake Parker addresses getting away from deep blacks and using the color wheel more effectively...

    That might help you improve the first two pieces, of which I just love the first street scene, well done! Hope that helps.

    Watch from time stamp 38: 20 until 53:30.

    Jake on more effective Color Wheel use

  • thankyou Bobby, just looked at that clip, that's exactly what I need to do and is a huge relief that we can refer and sample color like that.

    Also, one thing, whenever I have shown these illustrations to people (client included) they always seem to like the street scene best. I suppose I wonder about why so that I can go that direction more.

    thanks again,


  • I suppose it's the elegant charm of it. The texture as a whole, and the subject matter... you want to walk in it, see it come to life. You want the image to change to different times of day, it has a life of it's own. Few images can do that. Where your darker figure has more appeal, it's really a static image of a man doing a niche action. Unless he, or the act has a pull, it won't appeal as universally as your street. I love the texture you got on the large cabinet/wall area... the paintings and flowers from their lack of detail suffer more, and serve only to move the eye, but then your focus should be the man. Careful with the saturation, but what you just watched will help with that... also the texture on the bottom wall imho isn't needed, and the table which might be your text gutter, reads very flat.

  • wow, what a critique!! Will Terry should give you honorary membership. Thanks so much I really appreciate it.

  • Believe it or not it comes from subbing already to this amazing site, having will terry and jake parker's you tube and facebook on my feeds.

    Will Terry on You Tube and Jake Parker on You Tube

    And being here for 2 months watching courses, participating in the 3rd Thursday challenges, which I highly recommend. And of course this wonderful community of inspiring people. Their work could speak for themselves, you add in this forum where they are so generous to help anyone asking, and you sponge a great deal of knowledge. I think of this place like graduate work, 0nly way more fun.

    Be well Joanna.

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