Feb 3rd Thursday - Love on the edge

  • Well, I have no idea if I can pull this off. I had this little thumbail in my mind. A couple on the edge of their lives, but still holding, not giving up, continuing in their journey. Setting did not matter, so I chose post-apocalypse since I havent done this yet. So I did character designs of my couple.
    I wanted to be subtle, no hearts and kisses, but I am kind of afraid I will be too subtle 🙂 Well I am starting soon enough, so I might still have time to do hugs and kisses if this fails 🙂

    apogirl_small.jpg apomale.jpg

  • I like it, I think it has a lot of potential, very interested to see how it turns out.

  • SVS OG

    I like the concept a lot! I think you will be able to pull it off. I like the hand holding, I would definitely have them looking at each other, maybe smiling at each other?

  • Oh man, it was so hard to put those guys together. In the end I went for a pose that is a bit less interesting in my opinion, but I can somehow draw it. I just suck at drawing WALKING people. I had to do SO MANY studies to get.. this...Well, I am out of time. So I did quick value study and color study and hopefully, I will at least make something. Concering color study, I think the red one is the winner, what do you think?

  • SVS OG

    I like it! The red one is the best imo, did you try reversing the colors? I think a dull bleak gray background with the two in red in love may work.

  • I like the concept and I think walking pose is one of the toughest. It's even tougher when you have them walk together holding hands because two poses have to go with each other well. The pose of the dude looks good to me but the lady pose needs work. I'm not very good at poses, but I did a draw over anyway haha. I tilted and shortened her body a bit because I think she was a bit too tall in there. I play around with liquify tool to adjust her feet and gun etc. I hope this has helped if not i'm sure someone here on the forum can point out or have better suggestion. Good luck5.jpg

  • @Naroth-Kean Thanks! It looks better. But I am so sick redrawing it, i hope I will somehow fix it during painting.

    @Lynn-Larson I did try that, but I just cant get the red mountains out of my head 😃

  • SVS OG

    @Jiří-Kůs Then run with it! Run hard and fast and get it done in time hehe

  • Wow... I really like the concept. And I think the red one is better, although I love the sun in the yellow one.

  • @Lynn-Larson Well, started too late 🙂 Still I wanna finish it to see if it can make it to the portfolio.

  • Well... I wanted to do post-apocalyptic landscape, but suddenly... there were these red rocks...they do what they want! I guess I will have to keep them
    (people are still not fixed :/)

  • SVS OG

    Looking good! Okay, i like the red rocks lol. Did you want a face in the one right behind the guy? The way it's reflecting on them is cool, hope it doesn't get lost

  • Well, I am not sure if this is going anywere, but not giving up yet. i worked on the people little bit and tried to get back to my initial idea with post-apocalyptic scenery by desaturating it a bit. The red stones are awesome, but as @Lynn-Larson said a bit owerpowering and also killing the mood.

  • SVS OG

    Those are some pretty cool reds, at least on my monitor...maybe warm them up a bit. An old trick i use when working with colored pencil is use the compliment color in the shadow. try adding a deep warm green?

  • There are still few details to be done, but I wanted to know what you guys think? I guess the concept was weak from the beginning 😕

  • SVS OG

    @Jiří-Kůs Hey Jiri - i am sure you can get to the level of Magic the Gathering artist! - why not - you are working hard at it and that is what it takes right - seriously think you will make it there - anyways my two cents on this image is just anatomy related - if you were to ignore the other figure for a moment and drop a plumb line straight down from the man's wrist that is holding hands it would hit the ground it would hit the ground somewhere just in front of the woman's forward foot - if you drop a plumb line down from the woman's wrist that is holding hands it would land a bit behind the man's trailing foot - they should be hitting about the same spot - also i think that the front foot for each character should be striking the heel and not be flat on the ground - your leading foot becomes flat when walking only when your body nearly centers over it - one other thing that will be hard to describe i'm sure...i think the trailing leg for both characters should be a bit more to their lefts...? does that make sense? - i guess i could describe it like they seem to be walking on a narrow board or slack line ... anyways just opinions - could all be wrong (except the Magic the Gathering part)

  • @Kevin-Longueil Thanks, I changed the posture so many times that I am pretty sure I just cannot make it work 😃 I am just not able to draw walking characters. It always comes out wonky.

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