Yeti Cozy Home Feedback wanted

  • Hey everyone! Ya'll were super helpful with picking my thumbnails for this month's contest. I feel like I'm pretty much finished, I just need help with some problem solving for the stone stairs and maybe what to add to make it a little more interesting?

    Please feel free to draw over anything that you would like. I would really appreciate it!

    Untitled_Artwork 4.jpg

  • Hi Elisa! First off I have to say I really love your trees and the way the detail fades as they recede back! For the stone stairs I think maybe the edges need a little shading to add to the depth and you could play with adding some bright color pops to the top surface area of a few of them...not sure if this would be cool or not but might be fun to try? Overall I really like the design, nice work!

  • You have a lot of nice texture throughout the whole image, but then the sides of the stone stairs are just a flat gray. Have you tried adding some darker texture to that area?

  • @BNyhof hey thanks! I redid the staircase entirely and added some more textures to it. Thanks for your feedback!

  • @Tiffany-Thomas thanks Tiffany! The physics of the staircase was giving me trouble, so I redid it entirely to be made more out of the wood of the tree. Thank you for the feedback!

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