Yeti number 2 character design

  • Well since my mer-yeti didn’t make it into the finals, I’ve been evaluating and wondering what I could’ve done differently so I decided to try sketching out what her father looks like. I was going for a kind of backpacker/mountain goat vibe and he’s just come over the mountains to the Arctic coast to visit Arietty who he hasn’t seen in months. I will still be adding a few poses to this later. Any feelings or ideas about this? I’m not sure if I’ll be using it for anything but it could come in handy and definitely worth putting in a portfolio if it comes out all right, so any feedback is welcomed!44D1C2DD-2888-4E80-B434-EB5E4AFC09E5.jpeg

  • @Asyas_illos I loved your Mer-yeti! I wouldn't take not getting into the finals as a dismissal of the concept. There were a bunch of great ones, but they can only pick 16. I've never heard of a mer-yeti before and thought your idea was brilliant and sweet to boot!

  • I thought your mer-yeti was very unique and definitely thinking outside of the box! To be honest I’m surprised it wasn’t in the top 16, but there was a LOT of competition and who knows what’s going to appeal to the guys. That being said, I love that you’re taking a deep dive into your character development and designing the entire family.

  • Honestly, the mer-yeti was pretty awesome! It was one my favorites, and I think there’s a lot of potential for it with this prompt.

  • Thanks @Cayleen @Cole-Rts @erinrew I still really love my concept and I’m not really doubting my work because there were so many awesome yetis! I couldn’t imagine having to be the one to narrow it down! But yah I really want to work on making my characters cohesive and relatable and expressive. Thanks again for your encouragement!

  • Still working on some size adjustments but I think he’s coming along!


  • Also for those wondering how Arietty came to be... 😉74510290-795A-43F4-9960-8F7385E6E78A.jpeg

    Still working out some kinks in this one

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