Am I On The Right Path?

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    Art by Kim Pierson

    How can you tell if you’re progressing as an artist? Should you ever bundle your book royalties? And how can you make sure your work looks the same on paper as it does on your screen? This week, Jake Parker, Lee White, and Will Terry take listener questions and provide answers to your burning questions!

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  • Thank you again for the wonderful episode.
    I laughed when you guys were talking about color proofing. I am in the middle of doing the color proofing, and I kept feeling there is something I do not understand: How can one describe color accuracy in words via email, when the color on the proof is not as accurate? it is crazy. I asked around. The only method that makes sense for me was either do it as Lee described "send your own proof", or do it as Jake talked about "do not worry too much about it.".

    It seems I can not do either of the methods (for some reasons, the editor does not want to me to send them physical prints). I ended up printing out my own proof and lay aside the color proof sent by the publisher. Then I took a photo via my iPhone, and send the picture back to the editor to show how much the color is off. Really a hack. The second round of color proof just arrived, and it is much better, but still a bit off. I might repeat what I did, and see what happens.

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    Hey, the ant hill book is how I came across Mr Will Terry. I have one where they are sledding. I was listening to Jake’s YouTube after figuring out he was Mr Inktober after following a few people that did inktober back in 2017. Then Jake said look up the people who’s books you like. I was reading that one with one of my kids and thought this these were amazing images for an early reader. How random is it that I found both these guys separately before knowing how connected they were. Sorry Lee, no fancy story for you.

    Great advise with not over complicating questions to possible advisors or mentors. Here’s all the work I’ve ever created, help? But finding your niche or path is so freaking hard. And an it’s always evolving. I think the main question is where do I start? You guys have answered it in a million different ways. Or when do I have enough to start? Still, answered in a million places through your podcast and in SVS.

    No real comment or feedback. Just always great to listen to you guys when I’m working. Yay for birthday cards. Artwork that is consumable! I think Jake mentioned that in a podcast not long ago. I have 10 of your prints. But did you know skull chaser can wish you happy birthday too. You’re welcome for the idea.

  • Hahahaha listening to this while manually (and laboriously) editing a bunch of rgb to cmyk for printing 😂.

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