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  • It took months but I finally got my iPad and Procreate. I jumped right in and I'm still learning. I've had some trouble with the controls flipping around on their own - like the brush will change to the eraser while I'm using it and the colors will change to white or even another color on its own. Perhaps there's an adjustment I need to make concerning pressure controls or something.

    I can use some advice on a sketch I'm doing that I'd like to fully render in color. So far just a sketch but I just used the square canvas without changing the size. This gives me a canvas that is - 2048 pixels wide and tall - 15.515 inches wide and tall and 132 DPI.

    My goal for this picture is to give it as a gift to use as a card for my friend's daughter's 15th birthday. I'm offering it for invitations or anything else. This birthday, a quinceanera is a really big deal and there will be 250 guests.

    My question is: Can the sketch be re-sized to bring it up to the correct DPI for an 8x10? What size can these pixels be printed at and still maintain quality? Will post sketch as soon as I figure out how.

  • Through canvas stats up in the settings top left corner you can change canvas size as well as dpi. You will want a dpi of 300 for printing quality 😁 hope this helps ive had to change a few of mine as well

  • I've had problems with the eraser being activated on its own and then when I try to activate it, I have to keep tapping the pencil like a fool! Lol! Two taps is supposed to change from brush to eraser which is apparently easier to do by accident than on purpose. Just today, I had trouble with it changing to white on its own, several times. I don't know why that started happening.

    I've also had chunks of painting just disappear out of the blue. I thought it might be because my file size had gotten too big, but after I compressed my layers, it still happened sometimes. (I don't know if compressing layers actually decreases file size. Just my own thought.)

    Sorry I don't have any answers, but thought I'd throw my two cents in here to see what others have to say.

  • Hi @Kim-Hunter, simply setup your canvas from the beginning and choose CMYK to ensure the printer prints exactly what you see on the screen, though it’s more limited than RGB.

    The Apple Pencil double tap shifts from brush to eraser, so you’ll need to update preferences if you don’t like it.

    Good luck with the piece!
    43993665-AF61-4201-914C-787007DF3808.png C4A740EA-D084-424D-B1B7-AD9CE9FCAF79.png 0F3B57CE-CA02-421F-829A-D5928E0FAA91.png

  • @Jeremy-Ross I've read Procreate's CMYK color profile is just approximating CMYK, so for some people, using that profile can throw off colors in the printing process. (I've not personally run into this issue as I've not printed a ton of my stuff yet.)

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    For an easy fix you can just copy your sketch layer and paste it on the new file with the correct dimensions. If the sketch is too small for the new file, just enlarge it.

  • Thanks for the clarification @akpcreates!

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    I had been having some problems with Procreate doing weird things after the new update, then I realized that the Palm Support settings had been enabled somehow (these are not located in the app itself but in the Ipad settings section under apps - scroll down to find Procreate and you'll see other settings for the program.) I disabled Palm Support and now the program doesn't react just from me touching the screen randomly. It only responds to deliberate action with the pencil or from gestures now. Not sure if that will fix your problem. If not, check out the procreate website discussion forums - they are very responsive too.

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz Thanks. This is what I did do and the loss of quality was minimal. It's still just a sketch so translated pretty well.

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