Our SVS Virtual Studio JANUARY 2021!!!!!!

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    Continuing to work on something for the Proko pet portrait challenge. Saw the ref photo thought “flamenco dancer” and so that’s what I am trying to convey. Did a bunch of thumbnails worked on gesture and composition - still don’t know what I am doing but I carry on.

  • IMG_20210114_213757_065.jpg
    Dnd guy

  • @kylebeaudette looks like he’s about to help coraline battle the other mother. Love it!

  • Hey all, you are working on some amazing pieces, I love the sculpting. I'm planning on getting into some of that here in a month or so. I want to make art doll creatures. I love making puppets also.

    This month, I've worked on just some fun favorites. I enjoy drawing big cats (or any cats, really). These are traditional pieces just ink, marker, and polychromos color pencils.

    snow leopard w logo@0.5x@0.5x v2.jpg

    lion cub belly0.33x.jpg

  • @Gabby-Correia is this based on the parable. regardless, super inspiring. Ahhh I love it haha. One of my dream projects to do a series of illustrations based on Bible themes but have not figured out how present it in a fresh way. this is super inspiring haha.

  • @Braden-Hallett love the layout! I recently read this folklore and realized the mom was actually quite villainous haha

  • 6E512A9B-9C8B-45B3-BFB6-DE9180D6903D.jpeg

    Trying to sit on the design phase longer. Here are some of my ideas for the yeti house. It’s been really inspiring to see everyone’s works haha

  • @donnamakesart Yes, it is 🙂 Thank you for your kind words

  • I've been reworking an old piece into a newer style.


  • Hey everybody! been a while since I updated myself in this wonderful corner of the internet!:))
    In terms of the new year, it feels kinda weird to be in it so quick,
    however , it is what it is and I guess it's time to bid 2020 goodbye!
    In terms of changes and plans for the new year, I'm starting the month with taking a break from all social media for a month, for many reasons, some of which I'm sure is nothing in need of explanation
    I'm starting off this year with participating in #inktober52 this year and I cant wait for this challenge and all that it holds for me!
    Here's my first one for the prompt "fresh"
    alt text
    here's to 2021!

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    Today I did two pieces--the first illustrations I've done in a long while since the world went crazy with the one-two punch of pandemic and politics. I haven't been able to create anything I actually liked in several weeks, so this was a great step in the right direction. They both rely very very heavily on their reference images, but still it was incredibly soothing even just to try translating things from pic to "paint". I did them after listening to some video podcasts that inspired me and empowered me, and I feel much more myself now.

    I think it has been really easy to lose motivation recently for a lot of people and just powering through doesn't always work for all artists. I gave myself permission to just put things on a shelf for a little bit, breath, and now I'm refocused and ready to dive back in.

    The first is a reference image I used for one of last year's challenges back when Will was discovering tracks in the snow unlike anything he'd ever seen before (remember that one?), and the second is a mourning dove from a photo snapped and posted on Facebook by the Rangers at the Shenandoah National Forest in Virginia, USA.

    Polar bear cubsvs.jpg

    Shenandoah Mourning DoveSVS.jpg

  • 45235200-A329-4F77-8B93-47521910A5E5.jpeg

    I’m not gonna lie, I’m feeling burnt out from December....just been in a funk this week, so I’m just taking it easy and toying around.

    This is what I’m currently working on - I sketched the girl on paper and scanned it into procreate, then I’ve been messing around with scanning and clipping textures from my mono prints. The sunflowers and the background are from seperate mono prints, and the textures on the clothes and skin were clipped from others and I patched them all together. It’s been fun to see what I can do using digital tools to change traditionally made images/textures.

    I’m feeling more comfortable with characters recently, so I’m moving on to try and incorporate more backgrounds...then maybe some day I’ll start trying to tell a story.

    I also made a tiny animated clip this month...not sure if I can share it here but I’ll try... it was really fun and I am hoping for the time to try my hand at it again soon.

  • @Braden-Hallett love the 1900s book cover vibe! I’ve got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to those 😂

  • @Gabby-Correia this is awesome!!The mustard seed looks mightier than the mountain!!love the designs!

    Currently I am working on some Book dummies, playing and exploring styles.
    Here are two pages from different stories with a style that I am soooo uncomfortable drawing.

    Dummy page.jpg

  • @Coreyartus your bird is beautiful. Love the addition of the snow 🙂

  • Front Cover Screen Shot.png Back Cover Screen Shot.png

    Hello all! This is my first forum post. I can't believe it took me so long to get involved. It is incredible to see works in progress, to watch the support that happens here!
    These are watercolor front and back covers I made this winter for my friend's DND zine taking pace in an overgrown forested 80s Tron back to the future kind of world with crystal magic. I have a few more illustrations to do and I'm learning A LOT about layout design and stitching images together in photoshop.

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    Finished my flamenco dancing cat - well, finished it as best I could. Can never seem to get the polish that others achieve.

  • The war of the Hamster continues.

    alt text

  • @Braden-Hallett Love the personalities in their faces especially the smugness on the kid's face with braces and the missing tooth in the boy who is reacting!

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    I finished my first master study. I have had this version of Mary Poppins with illustrations by Julia Sarda in my library for a long time. She is one of my favorites And, since I am scared, I started with a spot illustration. This one took me about 5 hours. It’s definitely not perfect, but I learned so much… especially about how to use my ipad! My goal is to draw everyday this year, and to fit in as many master studies as aI can. I’ll probably do another full page Julia Sarda and then move on to someone else. B2E887BA-0F32-4D69-B05A-F9BC1F01F0B1.jpeg A3C98D7A-73EF-463A-9740-93893039FC4E.jpeg
    Her’s is the top. Mine is the bottom. I did not drag her actual colors from a picture in procreate, but tried to match them as best as I could with the book open next to me. So hard! But so exciting! I’m glad I finished it.

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