How will I know what to change if I don't make the Honorable Mentions?

  • "How would you know what to change on your piece if it didn't make the honorable mentions?" This was a great question asked here in the forums by someone who entered 3rd Thursday this January. Getting feedback is critical to improvement and that is one of the reasons we created 3rd Thursday to begin with.

    There really isn't any way for us to critique all the pieces. It takes us an hour and a half to get through 6 images. So to critique the 50 or so pieces we're currently receiving would take all day. I would imagine that even if we tried to do all 50 one month - word would get out and we'd have 100 the following month - and 200 the next.

    Our goal is for you to see some of the same mistakes in your work as you do in the people being critiqued. Over time you will learn a lot even if it's not as fast as if you were receiving a personal critique. All of us make similar mistakes so by paying attention to what we're saying about someone else's piece there will most likely be overlap on yours.

    Another option is to join in our paid critiques we offer from time to time at SVS. As a heads up we will be having a children's book class critique session this spring/summer and probably more than one. It will be announced here in the forums first to give a heads up to those of you who are regular contributors to SVS. The requirement is that you go through our children's book class here at SVS first so that we don't have to go over material that is readily available. When we first ran that class there were 25 students who paid to attend every night for 14 sessions. They were awesome! We would like anyone who signs up for the critiques to be prepared by investing the same time ahead of the upcoming sessions.

    These sessions sell out fast. We don't increase the price to meet the demand as that would put the price above many of our students means. We do this as a service and to promote SVS. We've decided to leave the price low and rely on first come first serve.

    We will announce these sessions here in the forums before we facebook, tweet, blog, etc. to give a heads up to those of you who regularly contribute here first.

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    Running a children's book critique class sounds fantastic! Can I ask - will this upcoming class run over several nights in a row like your first class, or will it be a single session more like the recent paid critiques? And is it the sort of thing where you should have a proper book idea in the works rather than a single piece?

  • I always learn something when I listen to the critiques whether mine is the one critiqued or not. It helps me analytically look at my own illustration to see if I'm making the same errors or can make similar improvements. I also find asking for critique in this forum is very valuable. I've received great feedback from very knowledgable and kind forum participants.**

  • @Dulcie I think we'll run this for about 3 nights...this way we can actually go through several rounds of revisions... 🙂

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    I agree with everything Joy said.

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