How to submit art to Cricket and other magazines?

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    Recently a friend suggested I try submitting some work to Cricket magazine. I've barely started dipping my toes into freelance illustration, so I don't really know how certain things work.

    After checkout out their website (, it looks like they have a lot of information about submitting written work, but not much about submitting illustrations.

    Essentially, my question boils down to: What do they mean by "Illustrations by assignment only?"

    But I am also curious about people's experiences submitting to magazines and if you have any tips. Are there other magazines you would recommend checkout out?


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  • What they mean is - They will accept submissions to get an overview of your work. They are not looking for artists to submit general art for them to use (such as clip art, generic, etc).

    Cricket is very particular on whom they work with and want a specific style.

    If you have a book store that sells magazines go and spend time looking at them to see if they use your type of art. When you go to your Doctors office or Dentist take a look at the kids magazines they have. Your local library is a good resource as well. Magazines can be good to work with but their deadlines are usually pretty tight and the pay ranges from really good to pretty poor.

    Also, buy the latest Artists Market book.

  • @jimsz That makes sense! Thank you; that's very helpful!

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