working on a book dummy - need some feedback for the cover design

  • Great designs and sketches! I'm really intrigued to know what your story is about!

    For me, "A" with the lighter background works the best for a cover. It is easiest to read, especially as a thumbnail or from a distance. And a cover with a character "close up" seems to attract readers' attention. Which is the main purpose, right? Of these 5 designs, "A" feels like it would be the easiest sell.

  • @Melissa-Bailey-0 thanks so much for the feedback. yes, you are correct, a close up is usually a good one...
    I'll try to share some more about the idea during the next weeks and ask again for feedback 😉

  • Hi, keep on working on the dummy and tried out some colors. which colour world do you prefer? I know this is not the cover anymore. I will share the progress I am making on that later. But I started with some colourschemes as well and thought I'd ask for feedback as well..
    thanks for looking and taking the time. affe2.jpg affe1.jpg

  • @doro_thea both palettes are lovely! For me, the question would be: what color scheme best helps to tell the story? Each palette sets a slightly different mood. What is the story about, and what feeling do you want the colors to convey?

  • @Melissa-Bailey-0 Hi, thanks for the feedback. basically it is an ABC book with everything written in alliterations. Every page a new character is introduced but as the book advances, you can see different stories unfold in the background if you look closely at the pictures. It is all about an evening at the circus and quite lighthearted.
    So, what do you think now? With the pink, I am also not sure if people put it too much in the "only girls" section, which it is not.

  • Hi,

    I have been working some more on the cover and stuck with version A, for now. I am still considering to do B as well. Lets see.
    But there is my work in process. There are still a quite a few details missing and the colour is also still work in process but I wanted to get your opinion on the which crop you like better. (fe. I think I like the one without the mouth better, but does the monkey look quite sad without the mouth?)

    As well as on the colour. I want to keep it quite abstractly coloured ( fe. not grey for elephant) but I am not sure if this is successful. I merged the colour-palettes from above and like it, but I am not sure about the yellow on the monkey for example and colour balance over all.
    thanks for taking the time for feedback!
    coverZirkus2.jpg coverZirkus.jpg

  • I like seeing the process on this and also how it turned out! I think they're both great but the first crop makes the whole thing more mysterious somehow. But if you're going for a happy monkey, the second one is better but maybe make him seem happier? I'm not sure which look is more appropriate for your project but I'm really lovin' the palette and the typography you chose on this . 🙂

  • @Jeannelle-Pita thank you!
    I like what you are saying about the mysteriousness. Therefore I think I will go for the first crop, as it really doesn't need to be a happy monkey. I will keep on posting here how it still evolves. I still need to add some detail and play around with the colours some more...

  • @doro_thea Awesome! I would love to see how this turns out. Good luck 🙂

  • This is looking really good! I think the colors are nice, and to me it's okay that the animals are not the exact color they are in real life. The typography is cool. All the animals are silhouetted nicely, but I have a hard reading the elephant because the greenish color behind it is the same value. When I squint, I have a hard time seeing the part that is on the green.

  • @doro_thea looking really good! Love your concept and the idea of using abstracted colors. A few things to think about:

    • The elephant is disappearing -- perhaps it could be a brighter or ligher color, to stand out from the darker teal and red?

    • If this is an ABC book intended for young readers, you may want to consider upping the saturation of the colors or making them brighter, to appeal to very young eyes. However, your palette is gorgeous and this may not be needed. Just a thought.

  • @Melissa-Bailey-0 Thanks for the suggestion. the elephant works way better in a lighter colour. going to post an update in a minute, feel free to take a look at the most recent version.
    I think I am going to stay with the colour palette though. I Know what you mean about the more saturated colours, but somehow I find this fits the mood and the intention quite well...

  • @Kim-Rosenlof @Kim-Rosenlof Thank you! And thanks for pointing out the part with the Elephant. Hope the newest version fixes it. I am going to post it in a minute, feel free to take a look.

  • hi, thank you everyone for your feedback! here is the newest version. If there is anything still jumping out at you that needs fixing or could be nicer differently, please point it out to me. Cover_zirkus_final.jpg

  • @doro_thea really cool! Love this!

  • @KaraDaniel thank you!

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