Long time, no see! And Yeti Wip.

  • Hi everybody,

    It's been ages!

    Last time I was here I wanted to do Inktober.
    However, at that time things were really difficult for me, and so I applied for many jobs.
    Got a full time job at a Kindergarten, near Yokohama, as a teacher. Teaching GrapeSeed.
    GrapeSeed is very demanding, with learning their material, songs, etc. And I had basically no training.
    Started Oct 1st.

    Traveling to work from where I was, was long and expensive. So, I moved closer. Moved mainly by myself, with rented vehicles,...and crazy traffic!

    Anyway, getting settled in with my new job and living in a new area.

    Just starting to make time to draw again, and get back into my goals, projects, etc.

    Here are a few Yeti's, just sketches for now.
    Might combine all to create one that I'm happy with.
    Mainly having fun.


  • Having fun with a Yeti design.

  • That was so courageous.. I wish you all the best this year. I think it takes several months before we start to feel like we fit in a new place, but everyone's different. I love your yeti. Can't wait to see your finished piece and welcome back 🙂

  • @djlambson Thank you very much. Yes, it takes time. And I have moved more than 50 times in my life.

    Settling down is always nice.

    I completely ruined that sketch above!
    So, I started another one. Still no references used. Just loose sketches.

    I was thinking about the Yeti, and the size, and in my wildest dreams how would I imagine it. Trying to connect with the child in me. And, OH, that's not that far away, I am always me!


  • Experimenting.


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