First 'vehicle' design of sorts. It's more of a mobile home :)

  • so I drew this little moving shed in celebration and preparation for a lovely new set of grey markers I received for christmas. I think I could work more into this piece but I will leave it where it is for now. Though, I did scan it in when it was just pencil in case I ever planned on taking it into digital. I would have loved to add a character to the final image but my figure drawing is abominable and is something I would prefer to practice digitally before ruining a nice drawing 🙂

    What do you all think? is there anything you would change? anything I could have done to have made it a more successful image? or would you just like to let me know who you think would have lived in/used this vehicle?. Thanks, Luke 🙂



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    I really love the layers of marker and the texture you've put into the rendering! The color palette is tight, and you've managed to manipulate your values very deftly! Well done! I do hope you get to make some sort of character with this someday--I'd love to see the kind of person who would drive this! LOL!

  • @Luke-Sheppard This is really nice! Your use/technique with the new markers is inspiring. The marker tones really make it come to life!

  • @Coreyartus Thank you! and apologies for such a late reply! I've been quite busy between my studies and my work. I would indeed love to return to this vehicle and its driver in the future. I imagine it could make for an interesting illustration 🙂

  • @RioSim1 Why thank you! I'm enjoying them very much and I'm hoping to become even more familiar with them in the future. Only time will tell! It's a shame that the paper I was using let the ink bleed but that's my lesson learned!

  • This could be your yeti submission. You'd need some foliage and mailbox. It is already in 3/4 view. I loe the creativity and the tones.

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