Yeti for this? WIP

  • @carlianne yes! Idk why but that makes a huge difference to me.

  • Okay trying out more sketches, here are a few ideas in each of the "close up" "walking" and "Sitting" categories. I need one for each set.


    A1: brushing fang/ tusk
    A2: Making ice cream

    B1: About to slip on banana
    B2: Trying to help duckies stay dry

    C1: Sunbathing
    C2: Has a cold, and has frozen the area around him
    C3: Had a tea party disaster.

    I think I'm leaning towards A1,B2 and C2 at the moment. I'm finding that it's difficult to balance if I should be doing something more simple or something with more story.

  • @carlianne I'm actually looking A1 B1 and C1

  • @Meg-Clayburn Interesting! I asked around a few other places and mostly got A2, B2, C2, what is drawing you to those ones?

  • @carlianne I like the idea of A2 better but for this prompt I like A1 just because I can see more of his face.

    I like B1 because of the anticipation it creates. The idea of drawing something that is about to happen, and I as the viewer know it's going to happen, but the character doesn't. It's really fun and makes it feel more interactive. B2 is super cute, but that's all the emotion and interaction I get out of it, I guess I feel there not as much story to it cause there's nothing suggesting what could happen next?

    I like C1 because it's ironic. He's a character who can create ice cream with his breathe, freezes the area around him when he has a cold, and he decided to go sunbathing and enjoys it. I also think that A2 and C2 are too similar. I would do one of the other. Compositionally youre getting now diagonals or if C1 than all of the sketches so it adds some variety that way.

  • Super helpful, thanks @Meg-Clayburn

  • 6488aea2-caa3-4f07-833b-05d68b976883-image.png

    Working through small iterations like the eye shape and if he should have a scarf or a belly line (I'm thinking this could subtly indicate he's actually a stuffed animal)

  • @carlianne definitely A.

  • 48822d30-c4a2-434d-b022-77dbf632ec77-image.png

    About to move onto the poses now

  • Reworking my sketches because I wasn't feeling happy with them. This character can make snow and ice and he's in the end just a stuffed animal, so I felt like I should be highlighting what makes him special in his poses.


    Any feedback here welcome!

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