Your Art Resolutions for 2021

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    My resolution is to get two book dummies done, continue to focus my body of work and identity, and then finally start creating some prints for my shop focused on some classic stories or plays. And maybe after that's all done (LOL!) swing back around to complete the homework for some of the classes here at SVSLearn.

    It's nice to have this articulated. Really helps me center on just exactly what I need to do!

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    I wrote a couple of stories which I have been meaning to illustrate. So that's on my to do for 2021, would like to self publish them but that depends of finances. Also would like to start producing more art in finished way in general. Most of my stuff is in the 'art practice', 'in process' or 'quick sketch' stage

  • @Jim-Algar Great topic! It's fun to read everyone's plans for the new year!

    My resolutions are:

    1. To practice more (anthropomorphic) animal drawings.
    2. Learn and practice writing picture books
    3. Finish at least one picture book dummy
    4. Make tutorial videos of my illustration process

    Woo it feels good to have this written down! 😃

  • SVS OG

    Good idea! Mine are:

    Push storytelling
    Improve speed
    Improve perspective skills
    Continue experimenting while style gels a bit
    Finish narrative sequence and publish a website!

  • Awesome goals!

    Next year I plan to:

    1. Make a painting every week
    2. Print a booklet based on Chinese Metaphors
    3. Email local children's book publishers every other week
    4. Email kid magazine publishers every other week

    I also want to up my game and post every week on Instagram but that's kind of a nice to have rather han a goal haha.

  • More consistency in my drawing! I’ve been juggling too many non-drawing projects this year that I’ve lost the art of making time to draw more, watch the SVS classes, experiment more.

    Another goal of mine for 2021 (and beyond) is to learn/accept failure in my drawings. I’ve fallen into the trap of expecting every drawing I make to be top notch 1000% awesome and done in 5 minutes 🙄 Not sure where that kind of thinking came from but it’s time it banishes from my brain!

  • Everyone's ideas are nice to read through. It's good that we have specific and achievable goals in mind! 🙂

    My main goals for 2021 are:
    A: finish the foundations curriculum on SVS

    B: start freelance work for something small (like pet portraits) to get the business ball rolling


    C: really hone in on my children's book style and start a picture book dummy! 😃

  • I only have one art resolution: Schedule time to play.
    I am considering the concept of "analog Friday" - basically, on every Friday afternoon, I will take out my traditional art supplies and mess around with them. I want to push my art to the direction which is less polished, more playful, more natural brush strokes. I feel like I need to do things on papers with real art supplies instead of trying to mimic the natural brush strokes on the computer all the way.

  • @NessIllustration Sounds Exciting!

  • SVS OG

    @xin-li that’s a great idea! I may have to copy that 😏

  • @Kat please do so! 🙂

  • SVS OG

    @xin-li i love that idea. I’m also trying to Reconnect with traditional media recently. I’ve ordered some gouache as a present for myself this christmas. My goal is to get good with them this year. Maybe even shift my process to traditional in the coming years.