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  • Just watched it and learned a lot by seeing the mistakes I made pointed out in the other pieces. I think it went really well. Thanks guys. On to "love."

  • @Lee-White I really liked the new format. Much more informative than december for example, since there was not much to say about your favourites, just that they are good 🙂
    What I really liked was Jake going through each picture and saying few words. For example, concerning my work, it was all I needed to hear. And I think majority of people will appreciate that at least something was said about their work. Each thursday I participate in I always anxiously wait if my illustration will appear and if something will be said about it.
    Your presentation was also great, if there was an intermission with a quick tip like this in each 3 rd thursday it would be awesome 🙂
    To sum it up, I see only improvement 🙂

  • I like the new format as well. Jake's explanation of why the honorable mentions were chosen, Lee's mini lesson on color, Will's drum roll 😉 all made for a great critique. I learned a ton. Thanks!

  • yes I think the new format worked really well last night. I love it actually.

  • @Chip-Valecek Chip - you bring up a really good point. "How would you know what to change on your piece if it didn't make the honorable mentions?" There really isn't any way for us to critique all the pieces - as you pointed out. I would imagine that if we tried to do all 50 one month - word would get out and we'd have 100 the following month - and 200 the next. Our goal is for you to see some of the same mistakes in your work as you do in the people being critiqued. Over time you will learn a lot even if it's not as fast as if you were receiving a personal critique.

    Another option is to join in our paid critiques we offer from time to time at SVS. As a heads up we will be having a children's book class critique session this spring/summer and probably more than one. It will be announced here in the forums first to give a heads up to those of you who are regular contributors to SVS.

    Thank you for your insight.

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @Will-Terry what do you mean you can not critique all these pieces for free every month! LOL I will definitely be looking out for the class critique. Thanks again for all you guys do on these 3rd Thursdays, I know its a lot of work for you guys to do on top of all your normal work and lives. I also want to thank all the SVS forum users for their time they put into critiques. This is a great group of artists we have here. I have been in other groups were they are not so welcoming.

  • @Chip-Valecek Ha! ... behind the scenes these topics come up and often there aren't any easy answers - thank you for all you do - you're right - I love the helpful nature that's been going on here!

  • I liked how in previous 3rd Thursday episodes we were able to see everyone else's work being scrolled through. It would be cool to see what people submitted even if they didn't make the 'final cut.' If it's too much to put in the video, maybe another solution could be considered.

    Otherwise it was great! I really enjoy watching the critiques, combined with the great forum community feedback it feels more and more classroom-like. What a great resource to learn and grow.

  • I'd like to see all the submissions in a gallery on the site. The scroll at the top is very small.

  • This was my first Third Thursday critique session, so I can't compare to past ones, but I learned SO much from this session! The information given in this session was as helpful as the classes (which are incredible), so I'm really looking forward to the next one (and I'll be participating!).

    I do agree with @gimmehummus though - I'd love to see the submissions in a site gallery, rather than in the scrolling bar at the top. Unfortunately I have to hide that bar every time I come to the forums because it gets me really dizzy, so I don't get to see the submissions unless people post them in a post on the forum.

    Thank you for the awesome information, guys!!

  • @gimmehummus We've been talking about something like this - One of our ideas is to have an uploader on our site that puts all submissions into a gallery like you mentioned. Then during the critique we will invite everyone to check all of them out... We'll get better over time 🙂

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    @Will-Terry I am willing to help with the slide show if you want. I am a web designer by day. We could work something out where I get access to all the images and I can create a slide show. I know you guys ask for all images to be submitted no larger then 1500x1500. If Aaron wants to discuss some options I am open to help. I could potential host the slide on my server and then share the link for everyone to view all the submissions. Just a thought, its the least I can do for all you do for us.

  • Lee, I am not ready to submit illustrations, but want to participate in the 3rd Thursdays (well, watch and listen). How can I do that? How do I sign up for what class and where do I go at what time... and I assume on 3rd Thursday of the month. 🙂 I'm a monthly subscriber. Thanks.

  • @Beatriz-"Bett" hi its great to see you participating! To go to the meeting you go to School of Visual Storytelling on Facebook at 11 pm on the 3rd Thursday of the month. There will be a link that say go to meeting and all you do is click on it. Start posting soon it is the best way to learn!

  • Hi Thrace! Thanks for the info. Hey, I noticed people saying they watched the video. It looks like they watched it on YouTube. Can you, or can anyone, tell me where to find the 3rd Thursday critique videos on YouTube? Thanks 🙂

  • @Beatriz-"Bett" you can get the link on the Facebook site and the

  • SVS OG


    I just happened to be watching it right now lol

  • Thrace, Thanks. I did not realized there is a SCHOOL of VS on FB. I had joined the group of SOCIETY OF VS on FB. The School page had the info on 3rd Thursdays and the video link. I've joined both now.

  • Congratulations to those chosen for critique and props to the tops. Thanks to the SVS team for taking time to instruct and encourage everyone. The new format seems to be well liked and was packed with great information.

    As for suggestions for the feedback naming convention, perhaps we could consider doing "plus/delta" aka +/∆. The + represents what we liked and the ∆ represents what we'd like to change (i.e. might do differently, or possibley stop doing all together). After each session we could post to a forum topic such as "+/∆ Jan2016 3rd Thurs.", for example, which would be listed under the main 3rd Thursday tab. Maybe it would help standardize the forum and keep all the notes together for each month. It's a concept we used at a former workplace.

    +=I really liked the micro class Lee gave on color.
    ∆=I wish the time wouldn't be so late as I'm on the US east coast; it's hard for this old bird to stay up passed 10 PM. 😛

  • @Beatriz-"Bett" I am confused myself now. It seems to be School on Facebook but Society on website.

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