Last Narnia Slowvember thread! (I hope)

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    After redoing the perspective and the interactions between the characters, I’m back with a couple of color versions. I really want to see if I can finish this before Christmas! I know there are some things that I could still improve, especially putting more shadow in Lucy’s face (it’s too prominent), and I also need to go back and refine the value layers in light of how the interact with the color, especially around Peter’s and Mr. Beaver’s hands. But:

    1. Does this method, which is mostly overlays over a value study, work well? Do you like one version better than the other?
    2. Does the interaction between the characters make sense now? Most of all, can you tell that Peter is cutting his eyes at Susan and not Edmund? I’m not quite convinced by his face and expression yet, but it could be something as simple as changing one line.
    3. How is the overall read in terms of the story?

    Thank you!

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    Narnia Beavers close up with color darker walls.jpg Narnia Beavers close up with color.jpg

  • @LauraA the story is very readable, the focus is on beaver now just like you originally intended, the only thing is I feel there needs to be sharper lighting on the kids, fire gives of a very harsh lighting and it's distinct. So fire lighting is not reading for me well, even with the chandelier above. With a little sharper lighting I also think it'll help Mr beaver stand out more since it would put Lucy and Edmund on shadow a little bit more.

  • SVS OG

    Thanks, @Meg-Clayburn! I'll look up some reference and see what you mean.

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