Yeti WIP

  • Hey gang, I’m looking for a little input here. I’m working on the running pose image of my yeti and I’m not sure which of two directions to go.

    My initial sketch was the one on the right but something felt a bit off. I think for one, I would pull the arms out from the body on each side to give a better silhouette but I’m unsure of the leg positions. I think they make sense anatomically (ish) but I’m not sure if the overlap is a great idea for readability.

    The second one is a bit more visually pleasing to me but the back left leg (specifically the foot position) is kind of bugging me.

    So - which one do you think looks better and do you have any suggestions/fixes for the legs on either image? Perspective in running poses always gets me (hence the caption in the sketch haha).

    Thanks SVS Fam


  • @DaveLeekArt When the leg is bent the knee cap will appear at the bottom of the leg. this makes all the forms stack behind one another. Thigh then knee then calf then heel. A simple fix would be to lengthen the inside thigh line further down the knee.

  • @Naters-Calderone makes perfect sense. Thank you!

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