Wip Yeti

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    Drew a few yetis so far, this is the only one I like so far. I'm playing with drawing fur, or long hair. I think that's how I'll tackle this. Whatever design I end up with, Ill focus on drawing hair.
    Or not. I don't knowπŸ€”

  • @kylebeaudette I wouldn't want to meet that yeti on a dark night πŸ˜› you should post up your other ideas. It would be nice to see the variations

  • @Gary-Wilkinson The others have mostly just been silhouettes and quick doodles that I delete and start overπŸ˜…
    I'll post my next designs πŸ‘

  • @kylebeaudette I like him! He looks a little like cookie monster to me. I think it's a great I idea to use this to work on something you might not have experience with. For the fur though, maybe try drawing more the shapes that lots of fur makes instead of the individual strands?

  • @kylebeaudette looks good Kyle. I like this take on the classic. Those big eyes would be creepy as heck to see in person haha. I like the hair and I think I know where you’re planning to go with that but a piece of advice is maybe to find to a way to simplify the hair with the less is more approach. You can definitely spend hours drawing every single individual wispy hair on there if you’d like, and it might look pretty cool, but you might get just as good of a look (maybe better) by picking and choosing where to add those little hairs. @Jake-Parker is a master of just throwing a few lines here and there to represent hair (or scales, wrinkles, scratches, etc.) without going crazy and it looks great. Maybe check out of a few of his examples for ideas.
    Keep on going though. I look forward to seeing the final image in the forums!

  • IMG_20201222_220751_705.jpg
    Sketched a bunch of stuff tonight and tried to get back to trying some yetis. I like the idea of it being strong, but not much else from thisπŸ˜…

  • This one is good but I think your original design has a lot more personality and creativity.

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