Help me decide on a 3rd Thursday entry!

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    Hey everyone, so I've been getting feedback on both of these, and I've updated both of them to reflect input, but now I can't decide which to submit! What do you all think? The fox one matches the text better I think, but I do like the bison one because it's weird 🙂


  • I definitely vote for the 2nd one!!!

  • Wow! This is really a though choice! I also think the first one fits the text a little better, but the second one can very well fit also... and the second one is funnier. I don't know, it's like Sophie's choice haha!

    They are both great pieces and honestly, I won't be surprised at all if you win with either one!

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    I love the first one's mood, but i have an odd attachment to foxes. The second one is funny as hell lol. I guess it's up to you which mood you wish to portray 🙂 good luck!

  • The Fox speak to me emotionally as it reminds me of a story I used to read while the second has a very exciting plot. I think the Fox fit the text better as he stands out to see what happen. For second one it looks like a scene that would happen after the text. I really like both of them. Good luck!

  • I am going to disagree with everyone because I love the mood of the first one too but that fox didn't have to run as fast as it could because it didn't have far to go to get to the place it is now standing. The second one has definitely run as fast as he could outside to see the noise and is still running. I feel like it is still part of that scene but this is just my opinion.

  • I vote for the second one. It is more dynamic.

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    They are both amazing pieces @natiwata. I would vote for the second one, because it is so well composed and dynamic, and as @Thrace says the fox doesn't look like it has been running.

    I have a suggestion to make the second one fit the prompt better: to move those steps on the right just a little further back and a bit smaller, so that Stanley could have run down them to get outside, add an open doorway at the top of it, and extend that little dust trail at Stanley's feet so it curves round up the steps, to show where he has come from. That way he would have run outside, and is still running now in terror.

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    @natiwata The Fox illustration is something i might pick up if it were on display in a bookstore - it has a really nice feel - quite - tense - really well done! .....i imagine the crack of the gunshot breaking the silence and booming through the forest - further terrifying the little pups and sending our hero the Fox into action - the Bison is good too - especially liked your initial drawing of it - if i must vote i would go with the Fox - it seems to hold my attention very well and i do wonder what will happen next

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    @Dulcie I really like your idea! There's all that empty space, perfect for a doorway...hmmm now I might need to do this before Thursday.

    Thanks for all the comments everyone! I am torn for all the same reasons, although I don't feel that the text means Stanley needs to be running in the image, since it says "RAN outside" past tense, like you might run outside of your front door to see something and stop once you've seen it. I don't know! Anyway, maybe I'll try the open doorway on the bison one and then decide...

  • i agree with most, you should submit the fox illustration.

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    @Naters-Calderone Actually I think it was 3 and 3 and you tip the scales

  • Fox, both are great, but the fox is a better illustration of given prompt,.

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    I also like the Fox for the prompt, but both are great. While you are at it created a third combining both, the hunter shooting the buffalo while the fox and boy run away. JK

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