Initial Yeti Idea

  • I roped my kids into this month's prompt to come up with something really fun, so here's where we landed for a concept design...

    Meet Roary! A big hearted Yeti full of ideas he can't wait to try. My kids pushed for a "business yeti" and I'm kind of thinking of the guy you see in old cartoons that's always got a new business idea he's pulling out of his suitcase to try and sell everyone that walks by.

    Here's the first sketch that feels like it's working. I think I want to draw some stylization out of some of his features like elongate the feet, maybe make the mustache bigger, maybe make the suitcase huge, but he already makes me smile when I see him lol.


  • @jdubz I think that's a very cute prompt - haha, Roary!
    When I think entrepreneur or business person, I think of that one character who has a blazer/cloak, - "hey, wanna buy a watch", they open their cloak and there's a bajillion watches. Maybe your business yeti needs more business wear, or even an idea/poster board behind them. Reports into their hand?
    I like the business dad mustache. Reminds me of Suess. Maybe a monocle?

  • @TheArtBard thanks ๐Ÿ˜› I was thinking about a blazer but I didn't want to cover him up too much. Maybe a necktie??

  • Pro

    @jdubz What an adorable yeti!

  • @jdubz Hahahaha, definitely a necktie!

  • @jdubz I like the necktie and suitcase idea! He kinda reminds me of the Lorax. Also I can't tell which leg is on which side of his body...

  • @Meg-Clayburn Ohhh yeah he definitely does channel the Lorax a bit! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Got some time to flesh this guy out a bit! Started with some of the initial views to get some of the major lines down. Here's where we landed adding the necktie with some of the other changes.

    I'm gonna try and get the remaining sketches out and then do some colors this week!


  • @jdubz I love that your kids pushed for a "business yeti" - it's a really fun concept & he makes me smile when I look at him too! (I'm looking forward to seeing the full character sheet!)

  • This is a fun idea. I like the anthropomorphized take on him as well. Why wouldnโ€™t a yeti have a 9-5? Haha. Iโ€™m already wondering what kind of business heโ€™d be into and whatโ€™s in that briefcase?! Keep going, I look forward to seeing more.

  • @jdubz loving his mustache!!! like his design ,i think it would certainly work on a childrens book.maybe add something distinctive on the suitcase that maybe indicates the nature of his work! Keep exploring! Awesome!

  • Love him! He's got real personality. I like that your kids pushed for a business yeti, great idea! Although I kinda liked the smaller suitcase - it made him seem a lot larger and more comical, and somehow more Yeti-ish (is that a word?) to me. Looking forward to seeing what he's selling ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Kristin-Dudish @DaveLeekArt @Georgios-Christopoulos @ruth thanks for all the kind words! This has been quite fun :). I was struggling back and forth between the suitcase size. I think I liked it smaller too, but as I kept thinking of what he'd use it for it felt like it had to be bigger.

    We were coming up with ideas yesterday of stuff he could pull out of the case. A few I thought were pretty funny were Remote Control Haircuts, Self Drying Paint, Action Pants and Rope Ladder Poles (how else would you keep a ladder upright??)

  • Cool! It makes me think of Dr. Seuss - green eggs and ham (the netflix version) ... i think it's the suitcase! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    link text

  • Just finishing up the last of the sketches and I got some base colors down. I'm going to try and finish these this morning so I can relax next week lol.



  • Thanks for all the feedback! Really happy about how he turned out! Here's where we landed ๐Ÿ™‚


  • @jdubz Fantastic work! I think this was already said but it gives me the happy childhood feeling of Dr. Seuss images.

  • @jdubz nice! The upside down phone is a funny touch. Definitely very grinch-like feel to the design due to those furry fingers! Great work.

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