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  • Hey all, I was hoping to get a bit of feedback, so if you could take a moment that would help greatly. I'm attempting to make a poll so hopefully it works lol.

    I'm planning on creating a book dummy in December or January, and I have 3 story ideas and I was wondering which one seems to resonate with some outside feedback. Below I'll put a quick idea and an image for reference.

    Story 1 - Sharing the Zoo
    Basic plot is every time Lewis goes to the zoo the monkeys always steal his lunch and no one believes him, which ends in learning to share freely.

    Lewisgoes .jpg

    Story 2 - Frog Adventure
    This one is the least fleshed out - I just like the premise of an adventure :). I've been doing these frog and other animals in this style and at some point I wanna do something in this vein.

    Little big frogs.jpg

    Story 3 - Monkey See Monkey Do Better
    Basic idea is a short book about monkeys are being mean because they see other monkeys being mean, but it just takes one monkey doing better to show the other monkeys how.

    Monkey do better.jpg

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    @jdubz They're all really cute and promising, but I think I like 3 the most 🙂

  • @jdubz I d suggesst, maybe explore the 2nd story a bit more and then decide.Adventures have such a dynamic to them and you can literally go in whatever direction you want with them.With that said,they are all beautiful but I lean on the first choice!!Good luck to your Dummy!

  • They all sound wonderful, and I hope you do them all at some point. The feel of the frog Illustration is fabulous, but since it's less flushed out in your mind, I'd let that one marinate a bit longer. Although, I've noticed that I am suddenly able to write something I didn't think I could write when I actually start doing it. If that's the one you really want to do, but are unsure of your ability, I personally would go with the frogs, and give myself a happy surprise.

    My initial first reaction was to say Monkey See, Monkey Do Better! I love that concept so much. I actually have a wordless story written in my mind about a similar principle, just not with animals. You've inspired me to get cracking on any of the stories jumping around in my mind. Lol

    I can't wait to see updates! 🙂

  • Thanks for all the feedback so far everyone! Seems like 3 is the one that seems to interest most people. I think the other ones will end up marinating some more. Maybe I'll try and make a 2021 goal of getting both of those somewhat moving 🙂

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