Anyone else stuck?

  • Lately it feels like I’ve been stagnant in my artistic journey. Not necessarily art block, I just keep doing the same thing over and over. It seems repetitive yet I enjoy it, yet I want to try something new? It seems almost overwhelming how many things I feel I need to improve on and study artistically, but I don’t know how to improve or what to study, and I can’t seem to keep a consistent schedule. Anyone else struggling with the same thing?

  • You are not alone. I 100% feel the same way. It can be so overwhelming to know what to work on sometimes. Here are some things I keep in mind when trying to break the cycle. Try an art challenge, change up your medium, do master copies or any copies really, and one of my favorites is to get the biggest brush or marker or whatever you have around and just let loose with it. Something interesting almost always comes out of.

  • I constantly struggle with this. One of the reasons I love the contests, the challenges, and art prompts too, to try and get myself out of my comfort zone. Another thing I do is go to my friends and family and ask them for prompts. Ideas for short story projects or character designs. Hope you get out soon!😬

  • Thank you! Will try this

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yes! I just posted the same thing! 😆

  • @phoenix-yip im always stuck on trying to shift from drawing Urban sketch to comic books! I just overwhelmed with all possible way, genres and story ideas... When i sketch real view - i can connect to something that solid and grounded, its became just matter of Technology and time how to recreate this into visual form. Then i can based on this Sketches and photorefs connect to this “Real thing” And again focused on it to make image. But how to make story? I can’t just pick some random idea from air.. I believe imagination can have same solid nature as nature that observed in world around. Today Have watched Jake’s video about Short comic, will try this method 🙂

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    @phoenix-yip my solution to this is set up goals. Like “I want to make x amount of pieces for my portfolio. Or maybe join a challenge like Inktober, folktale week, or mermay, etc. And make myself accountable by posting my work online so that I’ll be held responsible to my audience to complete my project.

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