What I learned this year

  • Hi yall,

    I haven’t posted on the forums for a very long long time. I thought I’d share what I’ve been upto in my learning journey and my creative journey. I thought since it being December its a good time to reflect and share, as well as encourage anyone else that wants to share their learns.

    Learning journey:
    I started attending the Fashion Institute of Technology this Fall semester, in their illustration program. Started exploring mediums and learning skills in school I wasn’t familiar with:
    Conte crayons and charcoals
    Graphite only value sketches
    Toned paper
    Differences between synthetic brushes, sable hair, and squirrel hair brushes.
    Tried sculpting with various materials

    During inktober I also jumped into using watercolor before actually learning much about the medium. I came out with some nice drawings, some i love, some I dont, but overall it was an expensive that taught me to explore the unfamiliar. It’s has made me want to make my comic in watercolor.

    Creative journey:
    I finished writing a script for my web comic, thumb-nailed out several pages, and worked with an editor to make it cohesive and the way I want.

  • @ArtofAleksey Hello!!! Nice to see you post again. Thanks for sharing your year with us. Curious of the watercolours you loved why did you like those over the others that you didn't?

  • Hey, great to hear you had a good year! I started using ink washes and really enjoyed it! I recently ordered some Viviva watercolors, so I’ll try those out soon.

  • @Cole-Rts ohh id love to see how those look

    @Heather-Boyd i like the texture it creates and the way the colors mix. Also because it gave me so much headache to learn haha

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