Lee's Experimenting with Ink class work

  • Here is my work for the 2nd and 3rd assignments for the Experimenting with Ink class. I loved this class!
    Working with block printing inks is expressive like monoprinting but more forgiving - and you don't need a press.

    I experimented with adding colour with gouache, but in the end removed it and kept the image black and white.
    The landscape was done with the water soluble ink and the balloon with the acrylic ink. I made my own stencils for the birds and windows out of a clear plastic document sleeve - cheap, easy to cut and quite thin. The pattern on the balloon came from a thin sheet of plastic with holes in it. The white lines are acrylic ink - my gel pens are beyond fixing.
    I kept a tub of water and an old toothbrush on my table to quickly clean the brayers and went through lots of paper towels.denise_tonner_balloon_and_sax player .jpg badah dog top small.jpg

  • These are nice! Thanks for sharing. I think it's great that you made your own stencils and I like the pattern on the balloon.

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    Love it!!

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