Pepper and Carrot contribution

  • Dear all,
    after a while I want to share my recent work here and ask you for your feedback.
    Maybe you know already the great web comic "Pepper and Carrot" by David Revoy. David gives permission to work with his characters and asks for contribution of any kind. You should visit the webpage, it is so much fun:
    The very talented hobby author Juan Segura wrote three stories so far about new adventures of Pepper and Carrot and is currently working on another one. He was seeking for somebody to illustrate his stories. I took this chance and we agreed to work on illustrated versions of his stories.
    We began with "The storm". You kind find the text versions of the comics here on Juans blog:
    Now I am keen to get some feedback to see if we are on the right track. 🙂
    Don't wonder there are two empty panels, which still have to be done. Highlights and shadows are also still missing...
    Storm - Szene 1 - whole page SVS.jpg
    Storm - Szene 2 - whole page SVS.jpg

  • SVS OG

    I really love the color palette! Your characters are cute, and you can get the gist of the story without all of the text 🙂

  • Very good work!
    I am having so much fun working together with you! You must definitevely show your last ones, they are very good!



  • I love the warm colours and style. keep it up Jana.

  • Thanks guys for your positive feedback. 🙂
    What do you think about these panels?
    One is showing Peppers arrival at home. I have to add some details at the house as well as some highlights and shadows.
    The night panel is pretty much done. Every comment and suggestion is very welcome. Thanks!
    Storm - Szene 2 Panel 1 SVS.jpg
    Storm - Szene 3 - panel 2 SVS.jpg

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