WIP Together - looking for some feedback

  • Hi, this is my first time posting here and also my first time wanting to take art in the contest. And, I really would like to get some feedback. As I had some problems with getting the account to work, the illustrations I share are more finished than I intended to. Basically here are 3 different ideas and I would like to know in which direction you think is better. And then what you would change / improve ...
    Dorothea Schmuck1.jpg
    Dorothea Schmuck2.jpg
    Thank you for taking the time, looking and giving some feedback.

  • I am loving your last image. I think it’s got great composition and I like how you. Made a project out of it with the title and all. I don’t have any negative critique it’s fantastic

  • @powsupermum thank you for your feedback, you are so nice.
    Really if you see anything, I would be quite happy to improve it.

    And: I just got another feedback from a friend, how said I should go for picture number 2 as the topic is quite subtle, but still very obvious. And that that was quite charming.... hmm.. Now I don't know which one to choose... But I think at least the 1st is out, as no-one said anything about that and i realised that it is more "alone" than together. maybe I could change it by making the girl happy, which I will do, but probably not for the contest...

  • Hi, I did some small updates on the both of the Illustrations that I consider to hand in later today. Any last feedback last minute improvements, or which I should choose?
    Dorothea_schmuck_2.jpg Dorothea_schmuck_1.jpg
    Thanks for your feedback!

  • I really like your style and color palette! I think they are both nice. I personally prefer the composition of the Keep your distance one, but both are nice. Here are some minor suggestions. The illustration where the child blowing bubbles has some tangents:

    1. where the knee touches the orange chalk child almost makes it like the chalk drawing is standing on the boy's knees.
    2. The bottom bubble is lined up with the bottom of the door.
    3. The hair is almost lined up with the bottom of the brick wall.
      I love the chalk drawings, they are very fun!

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