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  • Howdy all~ Hope you're doin' well!

    Quick question -
    So I've been looking into licensing art for manufacturers, as mentioned in these videos:

    How to Get Your Art on Products Sold in Retail Stores
    Art Licensing: Trend Forecasting, Personal Style & Vision Boards

    My question is - who do I talk about licensing with? If I want to license for mugs do I choose the appropriate mug vendor, or do I choose the mug manufacturer? Are the vendors talking to the manufacturers separately? How does that work out?

    Thanks! Hope y'all are well and keeping busy!


  • Contact licensing companies as they deal with many types of manufacturers. You can also send samples directly to manufacturers as well.

    You can obtain a list of licensing companies in the Artists Market book.

    If anyone offers you licensing opportunity spend the money for an appropriate attorney to review the contract.

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