Portfolio critique

  • Hi all just joined these forums and i cant belive what im missing out on!!!! So thought I would ask for feedback on my porfolio on its layout or the pieces whatever you got to say dont hold back haha 😃 thanks


  • @Tom-Burchell What kind of feedback are you looking for specifically? I think your work looks consistent and well put together. Is there something you're trying to work on improving?

  • @jdubz thanks 🙂 and just any input or feedback people have, in general whatever they have got. just only having myself as a critique for pass couple years isnt the best thing, if you know what i mean haha

  • @jdubz Hi, Nice portfolio! However I see that some of your pieces could be more exposed. Take the one with house. As a small thumbnail it doesn't look interesting, but when I opened it, its super cool 🙂 I wonder whether you could have a welcome page, where you put 2-4 of your besties and then page 'illustrations' would show all of it....? Just an idea tho 🙂

  • Hi @Tom-Burchell. I really like your illustrations. You have a very fun style! I like that Wix and Adobe Portfolio let you have rows of images instead of columns, something I've yet to figure out with Squarespace. I also really like that you've got the "heart" feature for you images.

    A few thoughts after checking out your site.

    • I noticed that on each of the artwork tabs (Illustrations, Character Design and Picture Books) you have an "orphan" image at the bottom in its own row. Not a huge deal, but in my research I've found that it tends to look a little unfinished in the presentation of your portfolio. Reformatting the row so that there are no single images (or taking one image out) will make the whole illustration "block" a little more pleasing to the eye.

    • I like your "About" page and that it's more personal and casual (I do something similar in mine). The only thought I had while reading it is that the display font you use and is a little hard to read. That typeface is great for your tab titles, etc., but I'd consider a more readable font when typing long paragraphs, to keep the reader interested.

    Other than that, it looks great! Hope this helps!