WIP November prompt

  • Hi there, this is my sketch for November prompt “Together”. I had a pretty hard time coming up with an idea that excited me, after a few days I came up with this image of ants working together happilly to steal some food from two picnicking boys. I like the result but I am really afraid the concept isn’t clear in the image, maybe I am too much in my head and can’t see the defects of it. So please feel free to give me honest critiques and feedback, I really want to improve it as much as I can. FDA216EC-AD04-4C31-A292-3E331027804D.jpeg

  • I’m not sure this entirely conveys the prompt. "Together" isn’t really one of the first things that comes to mind. What helped me figure out my idea is to imagine that "together" is typed over the image and that puts things into perspective a bit for me and helps to me to see wether or not the image actually fits the prompt.

  • I'm half with @Griffin . I think this does convey the prompt (and I think ants working together to steal foodz is a GREAT idea).

    However, when I think of ants working together I think of them working as a group to lift something much MUCH bigger than they are. I'd love to see the line of ants working in group to carry large whole foods (peanuts? maybe go super silly and have them carrying a whole apple or a sandwich?)

    Other than that I really like the perspective and design!

  • I really like the composition of this image. I got the sense of the prompt from the ants AND the people playing frisbee "together."

    I agree with @Braden-Hallett though; having the ants working as a group would make it read that much quicker.

    Other than that, looks good!

  • @Braden-Hallett @Griffin @JoshuaDages thanks for all the feedback! I had and still have some doubts about how this image conveys the prompt and I too thought about making them lift bigger things! I tried to make them carry some bigger foods in the thumbnailing phase, but I chose this instead ‘course I liked the perspective better.
    Hearing all your feedback now I think I am going to try and add some, maybe in the back so I don’t cover the faces of the ants that are closer to the camera?
    Anyway, I actually already changed the sketch a little ‘cause I felt the focus wasn’t really were it was needed, this is the adjourned image.

  • I read "together" both by the ants and by parent and child being together. And if you a more interested in the ants and less on what they are stealing then play with expressions more and gestures. I like what @Braden-Hallett says but I also think it depends on what you want to emphasis. It may be interesting if different types of ants were working together -though may have to research if this even occurs or maybe it doesn't have to. Anyways, as I said I read together fine.

  • Maybe they could be working together by passing bread crumbs etc along to each other, assembly line style? Their eye contact is good and helps 😊

  • @Heather-Boyd @Coley thank you for the feedback! I really like the idea of making them pass the crumbs to each other, I think it may be the best solution, I’ll work on it!

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