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  • I know KGatto was unimpressed with her Huion experience but I recently purchased the Kamvas 22 Plus and it has been an exceptional investment for the price. Setup was a breeze and its pen response and color are great...and it's huge which is awesome! It's only 1080p, no multi touch (just the pen), and there are no quick keys but those are very minor complaints given the price.

  • I have an XPen and I love it!. I have a 15.6 Pro I think it comes with a little nicer screen. I would recommend it. A huge jump from a non-display tablet. I got a good deal, I think it was 100.00 less than the normal cost. Maybe a there's a good Black Friday deal out there somewhere. I bought mine from Amazon. For my first graphic display tablet I couldn't be happier!

  • @KGatto ive got the 15.6 artist pro (red spinny wheel). Far as i can tell the displays great, the only issues i run into are that when ever there is a driver update due, the tamblet starts playing up untill you update it. And then when you update it, you lose all your hotkey configurations, but you can set up the tablet and save all the presets, so you just have to reload it. There is also a bit of parallax when you use the tilt function of the pen, but its not an issue for me in everyday use. Basically, for the money, its good, but its never gonna be as good as a top end display tablet.

  • I have a small 12 inch one. I really like it, just wish I had found a screen protector for it, cause the screen is getting pretty scratched up in the place I draw the most. I also have to make sure to set the pressure sensitivity to soft, otherwise I have to press down way too hard.

  • @TessaW Xpen or Huion?

  • @Gabby-Correia Xp-pen artist 12

  • @KGatto I've got both an XP-Pen 15.6 and a Huion 22. I actually like the Huion a lot more (it has no parallax and it has a much higher range of pressure sensitivity), but it's also 2 years newer so I imagine the newer XP-Pen's probably have similar advancements in those two areas.

    I think the bottom line is that these two companies are leading the pack in alternatives, and with every new release they're leaps and bounds better than the last one. So I kind of think whichever has the most recent update at the size you want, at the price point you want, go with that one.

    The Innovator 16 that just came out looks really, really nice. And it's had really good reviews. I'd take a hard look at that one.

    That being said, you can get a Refurbished Wacom 16 right now for $570, which isn't all that much more than the Innovator.

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    I have the Huion 22inch and love it! Great colors and perfect price!

  • @gavpartridge I have never received an update message. Maybe I didn't register it or something. I get them for my printer.

  • @deborah-Haagenson no, i never get a message, i just notice it doing strange stuff, also when my graphics card needs updating the tablet plays up. I think they program this stuff in to ensure you keep updating. Or it could be a hardware clash, i dunno, it all gets very complicated.

  • Thanks. Appreciate the response. I'm sure not as good as the top end but for the money...worth a try. I have the Wacom and always went with those, but had the worst experience on my last. Just need something new! : )

  • As I decided this year to do perpetual traveling while studying illustration, i had the same issue. I needed something with a display, that could create nice linework, without jitter, and in my case portable. I had a cintiq16+photoshop, but you needed a strong pc to hook it up and it was not portable. For the rest it did work really well and the price point was around 500euros in sale.

    Personally I sold that one and went with an ipad pro for portability, even though i dislike apple products in general (the way they suck you in their ecosystem) but their products do work well and i am loving the drawing experience I have on the ipad+I can draw everywhere. It has quadrupled my drawing time tbh.

    They are very pricey however so i wouldn’t be recommending them. If not that they just announced that their newest ipadair (which has a way lower price point) has all these upgrades making it really suited for illustration as it now supports their apple pencil 2.

    I was bummed out over that announcement having just spend so much on the ipad pro but it should be very interesting to look into if you are comparing drawing tablets.

    I tried out lots of standalone drawing tablets when deciding on what to do and personally i think the ipad is best if you wanted an all in one device, otherwise i’d go with the cintiq 16. I also tried the surface line before going apple, but the jitter on my linework was just horrible.

    Ps: what software you wanna use also plays an important role as going ipad means that you can’t use Photoshop if you are used to that. They have an app, but i haven’t tried it out yet. If you happen to have a MacBook though, you can connect your ipad to your macbook and use it as a display drawing tablet giving you the best of both worlds. Ipad and procreate in the couch, photoshop on macbook with ipad as display at your desk. Or so i believe. I read that that was possible but i don’t have a macbook so I haven’t been able to test it out.

    If your price point is lower than 500 btw, then im sorry for my rambling here as both of these options are 500+

  • I have the XPen and love it. A long time ago I had something that was not drawing on the screen, but I dont remember what brand. Drivers were a bit tricky but tech support was really helpful and I even asked them a question or 4 about photoshop settings (and said its okay if you cant help because you dont know/ or are busy with other things) they totally helped me out. It also came with some extra bonus things like the 2 finger glove. The pens charge with a cable so no batteries to worry about.

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