Ladybug, Frog, House and DUCK! Designs

  • Again many many thanks for the comments and advice! So at the moment it feels like we might be going for 9 for the ladybug and I still have to work out the design of the frog to make them fit together, but E, G and H are the forerunners. I really want to do H, but I think the design is too similar so i'll play around to see if there is some room for it.

    In the meantime I did some character studies for the 9 ladybug and so far it feels like is quite a solid character, but no final thoughts yet.... I also did some sketches for her "quaint little house", however it's only on 1 page so it's not a major thing, but all design is important right 🙂

    Homes sm.jpg

    Bria - Character Smartb sm.jpg

  • Haven't had much experience with drawing frogs, so doing some study sketches and exploring other artist's versions.

    Also trying some character studies of the frog character we might look at going with. I do like this design, but im a little concerned that it's not super unique and that it's head shape is a little too similar to the ladybug, but there is still enough time to play around with ideas. I also plan on doing another study sheet with a frog of a more round a large design too as many of you suggested 🙂

    Frog Reerence Studiesms.jpg

    Frog Color sm.jpg

  • @Gary-Wilkinson It's all looking really cute! 😃

    I just wanted to give you a quick observation about your frog character. In the full body pose where he is on all fours, his legs and toes are reading more turtle like than frog to me. Just something that caught my attention right away 🙂

    I can't wait to see more progress on the development of these characters and the project overall!

  • @Jacy13 I see what you mean. I'll have to play around with the legs a bit more.

  • Hi @Gary-Wilkinson, loving your studies; thanks for sharing with us! Your chosen ladybug character design was my fav.

    Regarding her home, I find the can house most interesting.


  • All of them are amazing' I really l loved 7 the most!

  • Ok last one I promise. So there is a 3rd character who is a duck and he is the somewhat crazy/panicky one, whereas the other 2 characters are more level headed. Any opinions on what fits in the trio?

    Ducks sm.jpg

  • @Gary-Wilkinson I like G and H! 🙂

  • @Gary-Wilkinson I think G for the duck fits best with the other two characters

  • I really like A or C for the duck and just love the snail house or the van both very cute! Great sketches!!

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