January 3rd Thursday - 20,000 leagues meets Moby-Dick

  • Jan 3rd Thursday2f.jpg Stanley runs to find a giant whale/submarine breaking through the ice!

  • love the color!

  • SVS OG

    Oooh lovely @Thrace this is such a fun idea! I love the whale submarine design especially...also the blue colour scheme, and the composition with the eye being led down by the footsteps.

    I'm wondering whether it might be more interesting to extend it on the left or change it so we can see all of the whale's jaw? It's nicely drawn and a real point of interest with those snapping pointy teeth. I'd love to see all of the whale's nose/jaws in the frame, just to get a clearer read of the picture. But I really like this piece!

  • @Dulcie thank you for your kind words and I like your idea about extending the jaw line. Thanks!

  • This is lovely! I agree with @Dulcie...extending the left edge and showing the whole of the whale/submarine would make it even better. I would also add brighter color to the boy. Not a lot, but a few strokes of a richer red or orange so he pops more.

  • SVS OG

    @Thrace - like others have already commented - I really like the whale sub design you have here! Really fun piece, love the color scheme. Always great to see your latest piece and again, the constant progress I see you making with each and every new one you post! Keep up the great work!

  • @Rich-Green thank you Rich your words always make me feel better!!!

  • @Joy-Heyer great idea with the colors, I will do that right away!!

  • @Dulcie is this better?

  • @Thrace Love the concept! Composition is now much better I think, but you should probably work a bit on the whale. Nails should wrap around the body and I am not a big fan of the black, its not very pleasing to me, I would blend it a bit with the body of the whale . Also notice that some materials like ice are very shiny on the edges. What could look cool would be adding more mechanical parts, like gears or pipes,... or torpedo launchers 😃whale.jpg

  • @Jiří-Kůs thanks for your draw over and advice!! I will see what I can do.

  • SVS OG

    Yes @Thrace it is better! I did notice that in your new version the whale's mouth is slightly altered so it's a bit more closed (presumably to fit it in more easily).. in the earlier version with the jaws wider, it looks to me like it is saying 'RRArRH!' as it pushes through the ice....in the newest version with the more closed jaws, the gesture makes it looks less snappy and like it is having a harder time pushing through the ice. I guess it comes down to what you want your whale to be saying as it comes through the ice...personally I prefer the more snappy version, because it looks more active, and I'd extend the crop a little further to give it more room to do that...obviously your call but just thoughts for you. But it is looking great and I love it! I also like the warmed up boy, definitely helps create the focal point there 🙂

  • This is great! Love the colors and the excitement.

  • @Stephanie-Hider thank you!!

  • What a great concept! I adore the stylized whale! Great job on your colors too, I love when things read and stand out well in a tight color scheme. I wonder though if it would work (just a fun thought) to do a warm light coming from within the whale, like it's running off coal, just to add a bit of color contrast. But it is totally your call as the artist and I think it can work either way. 🙂

  • @Dulcie another update

  • @bharris Thanks so much! That is a great idea but I think I am going to leave it as it is.

  • SVS OG

    @Thrace will you forgive me for being super picky? You can totally ignore if you don't agree and you're finished....but I have one more refinement to suggest. I love that you have restored the snappy look of the jaws, but now the jaw is very nearly making a tangent with the edge of the piece. I think it would still look amazing if you shortened the jaw, like this, and would give more space for the whale to really fit that canvas. Alternatively you could extend the crop a little more...


    EDIT- just seen you have submitted it now, so never mind my comment - well best of luck, this is a fantastic piece, and I hope it does well this Thurs 🙂

  • @Dulcie yes that does look better! Unfortunately I have already submitted it. I will change it though for my portfolio, thanks!!

  • SVS OG

    I love this one! Good luck hun!

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