Starting from Scratch - Classmates?

  • @Julia Happy Birthday! Sorry you have to celebrate it in lockdown :/.

  • @Jules thank you! You're kind, it is okay! There are worse things in life and it is a really good opportunity to treat myself 🎉

  • @Heather-Boyd @Jules @Julia
    Wow, you guys were quick and so kind. 🙂

    I'm 33 from Kamloops, BC, Canada... Sort of nestled in the rockies and surrounded by turquoise lakes, so adventuring to find magical environments is possible. If you're curious about where I am sitting for my baseline drawing ability, I'm @twisty.tree.studios on Instagram. I have been drawing forever, but was hoping to take it more seriously. I know my fundamentals are lacking and it's become a compounding issue, I struggle to create dynamic pieces and environments the way I want to. I've never taken any sort of art class outside of high school.

    My art master hero is Lawren Harris (of the group of seven), he's the reason I started to draw. Current art parent heros are Mel Milton (I just think the characters he draws seem powerful, whether he means to do that or not), Loish (her character in environments drawings specifically, I really like the way an environment can feel overwhelming and a person so small compared to nature and the romantic notion of people braving environments and storms), and Louise Fletcher of the podcast Art Juice (she does abstract landscapes that give me that same feeling, braving the elements). I just struggle to put them all together into something that is mine.

    I also work 8 hrs/day 5 days a week so my schedule is pretty busy also, but I'm going to try to complete at least a module every week or so (aim high, settle low, lol).

    I don't think we all need to go at the same pace, maybe just share our work and progress and talk about how we felt about the exercises as we finish them and get feedback. I think I'll only be able to get to a class a week, and I just finished fundamentals 1 so I'll be moving on to fundamentals two.

    Let me know a little about you guys as well! I look forward to meeting/learning about you all.

    Also, happy birthday! 🎉

  • @Sarah-Loutfi thank you for the birthday wishes and your presentation. The rocky mountains wow! My dream!

    I think I can mamage 1 lesson a week but then I ll be starting fundamentals 1. How do we share our exercices? On the forum? A special thread?

  • @Julia

    I'm open to either, should we create a special thread? I've never really done forums before, should we do it with some kind of keyword? Or just keep going on here?

  • @Sarah-Loutfi I can start a thread if you like but let me know when you'd like to start because I will be starting in the new year. I was going to call it 2021 Curriculum Work but I could start it early and call it 2020-2021 Curriculum Work and then I can tag you and @Julia and then you can keep posting your work under it (with the class your working on and maybe even the lesson in the title if you'd like -to keep it neat). Make sure you reply with the big red button at the bottom of the page if you are going to make a post of your own work, and if you want to comment on a work use the reply right under the post: Reply Quote ^ 0 v .

  • I've only started little over a week ago! It's hard to all go at the same pace but I'd love to share progress.

    I think making a thread per main lesson would make most sense? Someone else already started one for foundations 6 - effective vehicle design last week, and that's been fun to see/share so far. You could do the same starting from foundations 1?

  • @Heather-Boyd Oh man, that little 'reply' button I didn't even know existed. Convenient. 🙂 Curriculum 2021 sounds good, since its so close to the end of the year, and we can just post as we finish the module and lesson there-in. I will start it now and include @Lize too. I think we should still go at our own pace as timing is probably going to be hard to keep up with, but even if we get a little ahead we can still chat about the lessons as people come up behind, and maybe talk about difficulties as we encounter them?

  • @Heather-Boyd thank you!! I saw you created a thread! I shall start soon although I don't know when exactly.

    I don't have a red button but a blue one! I hope it is the same 🙂

    Don't hesitate to tell me if I post improperly in the wrong section

    Good luck all!! I am looking forward to seeing your work and discussing it!


  • Hi!
    I am new here as well, and feel like I’m in a similar situation. Been drawing forever but never really focussed on the basics, so without reference pictures i get lost and in general there are lot’s of areas where i’ll have to do work arounds or other compositions because ‘i cant draw that yet’. Im going to start from scratch with these lessons, as I think it’ll be the best way to really brush up on everything & make sure I don’t skip any basics.

    I do have a bit more time to work on illustration as I specifically reduced my job to a part time to get into illustration properly, so i have 4 days a week where i try to do illustration all day. But this also includes working on personal projects, so i doubt I’ll go through the classwork that fast. But as you said: aim high!

    So if you’d have me, I’d really love joining the group. If you’d rather keep it small & closed, not a problem of course!

  • @Jade-Yaert I think on here we believe the more merrier. If you are doing foundation 1 -you can join in on this thread entitled: Curriculum 2021 - Fundamentals 1.

  • @Jade-Yaert Would be delighted to have you!! Welcome 😄

  • Oh yeiy! Im very ecxited to get started 🙂

  • Hi! I’ve been slowly working my way through the curriculum since last November. I have followed it in the path it has been laid out. Right now I am just about finished Effective Vehicles. I was not a fan of drawing vehicles but this course has changed my mind. It has become lots of fun. What I’ve noticed is how much the previous courses really helped me through the vehicles course. The lessons on perspective, how to draw anything, light and shadow - the tips and techniques were popping up in my head. It feels like each course supports the next. I think you will really enjoy it.

  • Argh! Life happens and it has happened to me quite strongly lately (but only good things 🤩 thankfully. Life is sometimes magic even in lockdown). It makes it very obvious now I won't be able to start in December. I keep it as a plan for Jan - I am not even certain yet.
    In the meantime, if I find time to cruise on the forum, I'll come and support.
    Keep up the good work all!!

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