Helmet And Hound #7

  • Until now, it looks perfect for me. Loved the colors. I'm curious about the final result, specially the light setting and general "mood".

  • love the color it feels very nice and fresh. It feels good.

  • @shinjifujioka You always have great shapes! I just got done with the Creative Environment Design class and I'm really noticing the interest you create in your images.

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    @bharris Thanks! I'll have to check that course out 🙂

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    @shinjifujioka This is really great, love the perspective and how lived in the room looks. Just checked out your blog, I really love your art! Such beautiful use of color and light. Can't wait to see how this turns out.

  • Great work! I've enjoyed seeing these two on their adventures. The room is rendered quite well with perspective and detail...however I noticed that the corner of the room is directly in the center of the image which also lines up with the edge of the chair. Not sure if that was intentional or not. It might end up cutting the image in half visually. Perhaps cropping in? Move the book shelf cause that stuff is fun to look at.

    Just a thought... Hope you don't mind. 🙂

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    @Katrina-Fowler Yeah, I noticed that too. I'll probably try to crop the image on the right hand side. Or somehow do some carpentry and move the corner of the room a bit.

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    Final! (version 1) Thoughts? Feedback? Pizza? (I'm hungry right now).

    Write Your Own Script v1.jpg

  • This is excellent! Such a great sense of light and space. You also did a great job keeping a tight handle on the focal point while also giving the eye ample room to take in all the great detail. So good.

  • @shinjifujioka Off course Sinji, Your piece is awesome! What bothers me is the color of the light, coming from the window. Why not lighten it up a bit, and push the contrast way more? It would give it some interest I think. 1453780757160-write-your-own-script-v1kopie.jpghope this helps!

  • I think it looks great. l love the wall art and the paintings.

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    @Leontine Thanks for the suggestion! I'll have to play around with that idea.

  • @shinjifujioka please follow your own idea's, it was just a suggestion, I hope that this character will end up having his own book, it is just awesome! Love your style and strong use of lights and darks! Chapeau!

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    @shinjifujioka I have looked at this piece a few times now and each time I come back to this post I see some new detail you placed into the room that I did not notice before. That is what I love about it - and why I think kids would really enjoy this in a storybook that they read over and over again.

    I also think you are so talented with perspective and scale in this interior scene like that. Its really great work. And of course all of Helmets artwork is fantastic! I can only hope to be as good of an artist as little Helmet is someday! 🙂

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    @Leontine Oh don't worry, I end up going with what I like best in the end. But during the process, it helps me to get inspiration from other sources. That could be looking at other artwork, watching films, or getting suggestions from other people like yourself :). Honestly, I feel the most comfortable with getting inspiration from other artwork and watching films or just taking a walk and thinking, but this forum has been a great crowd to bounce ideas off of. I'll even read suggestions that people have on stuff that other people have submitted and think about how I could improve my own art. Thank you for the kind words!

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    @Rich-Green Thanks! I didn't realize how mentally exhausting it would be to tackle a piece like this. I felt like my head would explode near the end with how many decisions I had to deal with. But I'm glad I did and I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it 🙂

  • @shinjifujioka probably sounding like a broken record but this is really great! Do you have this book story boarded? about how far along are you ("finished" pages)?

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    @mattramsey Thank you! I don't have any plans to make this into a book. I just have a running list of ideas for images with these characters, so once I'm done with an image, I just pick another idea from the list and start drawing. It allows me to tackle a variety of settings and topics while not getting burdened with making sure that the images fall into a linear story.

    Maybe down the road I'll consider writing a story that involves these characters.

  • @shinjifujioka

    Almost perfect for me. What I feel a bit odd is the hard outline in the helmet an other minor parts and the absence or softness of other outlines. The lighting is awesome.

  • I think Leontine's suggestion makes the entire piece look more realistic and dramatic but at the same time I like the soft airiness in your version...its kind of got this dreamy quality to it (especially how you handled the bookshelf) that goes well with the story. If I had one super nit-picky suggestion, I would say the folds and draping of the cape could be improved and watch out for the folded corners on those paper...maybe look up some reference images. (when I was in school my instructor pointed out the way I drew the corners of my paper and told me to look up references haha) but otherwise your lighting looks amazing and I love the story!

    Also I knew you were Japanese when I saw the helmet lol ....made me feel nostalgic about my childhood watching oldies Japanese cartoons .

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