Where can I make this better?

  • I think I've worked that last 10% on this one, which is one of my biggest weaknesses. I'm needing more eyes to show me where this can be improved!


  • Hi Deborah! Very nice! I would lighten up the shading on the snow, and keep it even a little lighter on the snowmen than the background so they stand out a bit more. It all looks pretty dark to me, and that way you'd have your human figures standing out a bit more, and it would look more like snow. I really like your sledding kid and the expression, very cute!

  • Thank you @Natalie-Lundeen

  • @djlambson I think your pencil work is very nice, I agree it could lighten up a little. Also I think composition-wise everything is being pulled toward the center of the image where as will says it’s an “eye trap” . I love the snow men’s expressions but I think for the comp you couldve positioned them a little differently. I would pull that bigger snowman towards the upper left corner. I tried to screenshot your image and show you changes but it wouldn’t let me save in my photos. Otherwise good job!

  • @djlambson Hi, I like the fun idea. One thing that looks off is the perspective on the kid’d head. You should be able to see more of his hood on the right side rather than the left. It kind makes everything seem warped, like you stretched out the image at some point. Another thing that Jkae and Will said about my painting is that circular compositions are boiling but to arrange objects as triangles. Maybe you can arrange the friends farther up the page and more to the center to create a nice triangle.

    I hope that helps! Have fun creating!

  • I would think about local color more. Is the sky the same value as the white snow, or is it darker? Is the kids jacket as light as the snow, or should it be darker too?

  • Thanks so much for your thoughts guys..I will lighten and brighten and tighten. 😁

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