New Canon Pixma Pro10s Printer - printing problems!

  • Hi everyone, I recently invested in a Canon pixma pro 10s and am really struggling. I have been researching a lot online and have altered all issues (as far as I can see) that might be causing issues: monitor calibration, icc profile etc. My main issue is colour, the images all come out much too dark and when I adjust brightness in photoshop, they end up far too bright. The problem is I can't really see the issue until I've printed off the whole of the image which means I'm wasting a lot of ink and expensive paper. I know it probably takes a bit of trial and error but I'd be grateful if anyone could give any advice? I never thought home printing was going to be so complicated!!!

  • do you have a monitor which shows the full color range of at least rgb and do you have calibrated it?

  • @Molambo I don't know, I think so, I have calibrated the monitor.

  • @Rachel-Horne
    that should be not so hard to find out. which exact monitor model do you have.
    how did you calibrated it? just via sight or with a real calibration device?

  • @Molambo I have a 2011 mac, I calibrated the mac in the settings on my computer?

  • @Rachel-Horne I have one of those printers. Are you using the automate function in photoshop for Canon's Print Studio Pro to do your printing?
    A lot of the time I use the PRO mode and if it's dark I'll go into the colour settings and bump the brightness to +30.
    Also make sure you select the right paper setting in here. I had issues with brightness by selecting the wrong paper for ICC and so I loaded the right one from the paper makers website.

    I'll always check the levels graph setting in photoshop as this gives me a good idea of how light or dark my image is.
    Also buy some cheap thick a4 paper to print onto first or postcards to save on ink and mistakes.

  • @Rachel-Horne to do a calibration for printing its best to use a colorimeter device - I'd recommend a X-Rite i1 Display PRO or X-Rite i1Display Studio. I have a Spyder 5 ELITE but it's not as accurate as the X-Rite. I'll be upgrading to one of those soon. Best to have a night setting and a daylight setting.

  • @sigross said in New Canon Pixma Pro10s Printer - printing problems!:

    heck the levels graph

    For the Canon Print Studio Pro, I'm not sure, I downloaded their printer software when I installed everything but at the moment I let Photoshop manage the colours...I think this is what you mean?
    I did download the matching paper profiles and that did make a difference so I that's ok now.
    I'll check the levels graph in Photoshop like you said, that's a good idea.
    I did think of printing on some cheap paper but most people said that the wrong paper quality could affect the colours so I thought if I did that it might not be what I would end up seeing on the correct paper...? But since you do it, it must work. Thanks, this will definitely save me some money!
    As for the calibrator, it's something I'll have to look into but I was trying to avoid it since the printer itself was already so costly!!
    In any case, thanks for all that advice, it really helps - I'll let you know how I get on 🙂

  • @Rachel-Horne Oh yes defo install the Canon software! It works as a plug-in on photoshop (FILE>>AUTOMATE>>Canon Print Studio Pro).

    Yes you are right the colours will be different on stock paper but its a good way to check for brightness.
    I think the best method is using good quality postcards as they're small and don't waste a lot of ink.
    If you make a few A6 postcards out of the paper stock you print on this will give you the same results.
    I use the printer to print on tracing paper too. For when I want to transfer a digital drawing onto a wooden panel or for a stencil cutout.
    I just break the image down into A3+ sections and tape it together after printing.

    Hope you get the formula right!

  • @sigross I just spent ages trying to install the Print Studio Pro only to realise that my version of photoshop (CS3) is too old, the funny thing is a while back I tried to subscribe to the new online versions of Photoshop etc and I can't do that either because my Mac is too old! 😆 🤣
    Ah well, doesn't matter - the prints I did manage to get out are just a little too dark but I think following the other advice you gave me will help a lot until I manage to purchase a new Mac, a new subscription to Photoshop and a screen calibrator!
    PS: Such a good idea to print out the postcard sized work, I'll definitely be doing that.
    Cheers again for all the advice, it's really helped a lot. 🙂

  • @Rachel-Horne glad I could help.

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