I can finally participate in Inktober 2020 😂

  • I really wanted to participate in Inktober this year but was caught up in the design and launch of a new website. But I wanted to at least bring one of my initial pencil sketches to full rendering. It was for “fish”, the drawing prompt for October 1 🙂

    It didn’t come out the way I pictured it in my head. Of course, the pencil thumbnail sketches looked better. But I recognize that I do need to practice a lot more. I wanted to use only black ink but ended up using a Pantone marker when I realized I had inked myself into a corner (I should have probably kept the anchor white so I oiled have coloured in the walls in black🤔). What I learned from this was to flesh out a roughly shaded rendering in pencil to test things out before starting work on a final inking.

    I’d be happy for critiques. I know this image could use a lot of improvement!


  • Update: as soon as I posted my illustration yesterday, I realized a street scene was missing in the background. In fact, I immediately heard the voices of Will Terry, Jake Parker, and Lee White on their podcast saying something like “you could add a few buildings, a car, maybe someone else walking their dog”.

    That’s what I like about SVS and it’s podcast. I’m learning so much!

    So I added a street scene this morning. Then realized now the city looks like it’s floating. 😂

  • I coloured in the street scene to make is less floaty. Funny how looking at an illustration with a fresh set of eyes can reveal things!


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